S10 E18 You Be Illin'

04/03/14 | TV-14 | CC

Arizona is sneezed on by a patient. She’s going to get sick. She has a superpower that allows her to know this. There’s an invasion of flu patients in the hospital. The first-years have a bet where whichever one of them falls ill first has to be “swap monkey” for a week. That means the loser must trade with anyone who doesn’t like their assigned service. Leah is the frontrunner for the honors. She tries to tough it out, but ends up yacking in her mouth during a procedure. On the bright side, those surgical masks are pretty darn absorbent.

Dr. Oliver Lebackes is nicknamed “Dr. Butthole” by Alex because of where his area of specialty resides. Other popular nicknames attributed to him are Dr. Poop Chute, Dr. Rear Gear and his personal favorite—the Sphincter Fairy. Catchy! Dr. Lebackes is unorthodox to say the least playing funky ‘80s music during surgery. Alex is impressed with the guy’s talent, but he doesn’t care for him personally until he gets a job offer. Alex could get used to the perks of private practice. It’ll also help him pay off gobs of student loans.

April treats a young boy, Braden, who has, in the kid’s words, “bubble boy disease.” He has a rapidly-growing infection. Bailey assists April on the case when Jackson goes home sick. In other news, Derek practices a speech he must give to 50 scientists. He’s well-prepared but also getting sick. That’s impossible. Dr. Derek Shepard doesn’t get sick. If Dr. Derek Shepard truly didn’t ever get sick, he could help April and Bailey out with their patient.

Alternate measures must be taken to operate on Braden. Derek dons a full-body HAZMAT-ish suit. He pushes through the surgery, but there’s no way he can give his speech. Meredith gives it in his place. She’s heard him rehearse it enough times. Mer ends up wowing the crowd thanks to the spin she puts on her hubby’s words. As for Braden, he’s still very sick. He may have to spend the rest of his life in isolation.

Jo has a tetanus patient who refuses treatment. An argument between them leads to her breaking his arm. Actually, a tetanus spasm caused the break. Callie lets Jo know that she has to re-break an old break to fix the new break. Give us a break! Callie talks Jo through the procedure to the point where she really gets into it. She’s feeling the “ortho glow.” Jo believes she may never get angry again. Callie assures that’s not possible if she’s dating Alex Karev.

A 15-year-old girl named Ivy is scheduled for a heart transplant. The timing isn’t great. Cristina wanted to spend the day with her conduit patients to help keep her clinical trial alive. She orders Shane to cover. He, in turn, cons Stephanie into doing it. She’s ticked until he agrees to be her swap monkey for two months.

Ivy’s father brings in her sister, Frankie, to learn she has the same heart issue. Owen tends to the girl when she starts crashing. She’ll need a pacemaker. Cristina and Owen work to figure out how two sisters can have contracted the same affliction. Theymust run more tests to find out what’s causing the hearts to fail. They need to find out soon since it appears as though the youngest son of the family is also becoming ill.

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