S10 E19 I'm Winning

04/10/14 | NR | CC

Cristina gets the call. She’s been nominated for the prestigious Harper Avery award. Her coworkers are ecstatic. Cristina, however, is playing it cool. It’s just a nomination. She has work to do. She really doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. Too late! Meredith puts together a big celebratory surprise where just about everyone in the hospital gives a champagne toast to their way-cool colleague.

Frankie is a young girl who is no longer a patient thanks to the pacemaker Cristina placed inside her. That hasn’t stopped her from making herself at home around the hospital. She seems to know everyone. She even gives a solid rundown of her brother Link’s condition. He has the same serious heart condition that afflicted Frankie and their other sister, Ivy. Link needs a new heart pronto.

Braden, the young boy who was first seen in “You Be Illin’,” gets the bad news that the only treatment for his disease is a bone marrow transplant. That’s not happening anytime soon. Braden has no ability to fight infection. The only safe place for him is in the plastic bubble tent that’s been set up in his hospital room. His parents are devastated and Braden is going stir crazy.

Meredith is doing a HIV-positive-to-positive kidney transplant. The donor, Marty, is a little nervous about 0.6 percent chance of death that comes with the procedure. He doesn’t think he can go through with it for his best friend. Meredith lies to the patient to say his pal isn’t a match. The guilt of all this has Marty in tears, but he still won’t step up. Then he changes his mind.

Bailey, who is ticked that all her former charges are getting accolades and cool cases, takes control of the situation by placing all blame on Meredith. She takes over the history-making surgery. She’s still feeling down though. Her mind is on Braden. A rant by Richard lifts her spirits. Something he says gives her an idea.

Stephanie uses her swap monkey privileges to force Shane to assist Bailey as she stares at a computer screen all day. She’s been looking for a breakthrough for Braden, who suddenly goes missing from his bubble. He’s having fun racing around the hospital with Frankie. Alex tracks him down and orders everyone to step away from the boy. Braden is rushed back into isolation.

Owen convinces the FDA to send an artificial heart their way to save Link. It’ll cost $25,000 to charter a jet get it to Seattle on time. Jackson hands over his credit card. He breaks the news of his purchase to April while folding her clean underwear. She was out, so he did her laundry. The heart arrives and the patient is wheeled into the OR. It’s up to Cristina now. Her colleagues watch from above. Only Derek knows that Meredith planned the earlier champagne toast to cover up her jealousy of her person.

Derek is testing a new machine that can read emotions. Jo is his guinea pig. Nothing makes her happy except the chance to do some cool orthopedic work. When Callie tries the machine, she acts happy but the readings indicate that she’s depressed. The only thing that gets her jazzed is the thought of having another baby. Surprise, surprise. Arizona wants another one, too. Woo hoo!

Cristina goes through the entire day acting as if her Harper Avery nomination is no big deal. The truth comes out that she’s secretly excited during a private champagne toast with Owen. He thinks she’s going to win. She does, too. Time will tell if their predictions come true.

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