S10 E22 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

05/01/14 | TV-14 | CC

Just about everyone on the board wants Cristina to appeal the decision on the Harper Avery award. A free trip to Zurich is also on the table for the recently-dissed doc. Some folks there want her to present her study. Cristina doesn’t want to go. She wants to move on. She changes her mind after discharging the family of the kids with all the heart issues. They need to go home and Cristina needs to hit the Alps.

Cristina gives a speech before a room full of strangers. Actually, someone she knows is in the audience. Cristina recognizes the voice of a person asking a question. Actually, the unseen figure has a series of questions. Cristina answers them all. The audience member finds everything she says fascinating. He steps into the light to thank the speaker for sharing her knowledge. It’s at this moment that Cristina can finally see a face. It’s someone she last saw on what was supposed to be her wedding day. Yes, Dr. Preston Burke is back!

Burke is the one who secretly brought Cristina 6,000 miles from her home. He wants her to scrub in on a surgery. The two of them admit that they’ve been following each other’s work over the years. Burke shows Cristina an incredible hologram image of the heart they are working on during a surgery. He’s been trying to get the kinks out of this medical breakthrough before publishing a paper on it.

Cristina is thoroughly impressed. She admits that she wants to print a functional beating heart. Burke’s hospital has the resources for this. He wants her to do her work there. It would be all business, as Burke is happily married. Cristina admits to Meredith via a voicemail message that everything she ever wanted is in Zurich. She’s shocked when Burke says he doesn’t want her to work for him. He wants him to take over. He’s offering her his hospital. It’s Cristina’s if she wants it. Upon her return to the States, Meredith realizes she does.

Annie and Lizzie are conjoined twins who are attached at the head. Derek and Amelia will tag-team on their surgery along with a team of about 40 other docs. Needless to say, it’s a complicated task to turn one brain into two. Meredith lets the father figure doctor who delivered the girls know that they’ll focus on saving Lizzie if things go south because she’s the stronger twin.

There’s bickering between the sibling patients as well as the sibling neurosurgeons. Derek assures Callie that even though he treats his sis like she’s the village idiot, Amelia is a top notch doc. A complication arises during the surgery. The separation takes place. Derek has full confidence in Amelia to treat Annie while he works on Lizzie, who ultimately doesn’t do well. She’s not going to make it. Later, Derek lets Amelia know that he recommended her to Callie for her study. He kinda likes having his sis in Seattle.

Braden, the boy in the bubble, is doing much better. Bailey is happy but she’s steering clear of the family for the time being. Stephanie figures out that Bailey administered the virus to the boy without the permission of the parents. The good news is that it’s working. The bad news is that no one can know what Bailey did.

Jo assures Alex that she can handle life at the hospital without him hanging around to bail her out. This may not be true when complications arise with an elderly patient. Owen has to step in to fix her mistake of trying to handle everything on her own. This has her believing she’s going to be fired. It’s a sentiment all the first years seem to be feeling about their personal situations.

The confirmation of April’s pregnancy is met with unsure emotions. Jackson is also feeling heat from Richard because of the whole Harper Avery mess. It gets to the point where April can’t take it anymore. She lashes out at Richard for taking his embarrassment of the situation out on her husband. This tongue-lashing takes place in front of a bunch of their peers. Later, Jackson joins April in the chapel letting her know that he’ll be also joining her in church in the future because that’s where his family will be.

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