S10 E23 Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right

05/08/14 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey needs to inform the board that she did a stem cell transplant using deactivated HIV on young Braden against his parents’ wishes. So she tells Cristina, who promptly high-fives her. The parents of the boy have a very different reaction. Bailey isn’t the only one in hot water. Stephanie is also looking at disciplinary action for failing to report what she knew. She’s been a bit on edge upon learning that someone is going to get fired. All of the residents have. As for Bailey, she learns she is being charged with assault and battery.

After Jackson runs a second set of tests, Braden’s parents are convinced that it’s okay for him come out from the bubble. It’s a joyous moment that Bailey witnesses from afar. Even though the procedure worked, Braden’s dad assures Owen that he’s still going to have Bailey’s medical license taken away. This motivates Stephanie to claim she made a mistake. She says Bailey was covering for her. Braden’s dad is still furious, but his wife calms him down. She just wants them all to go home. Bailey is off the hook. She assures Stephanie she’s not getting fired without a fight from her.

Cristina is interviewing her boss’s replacement. Meredith thinks this is Owen’s way of punishing her for leaving. She may be right. The candidates she’s seeing aren’t exactly tops personality-wise. Meredith changes her mind about Owen’s motives. She now believes he’s setting Cristina up with a bunch of stiffs so he can offer her the job. The truth is Owen knows she has to go. That’s why he won’t ask her to stay. He doesn’t want her to leave him though.

Jo is kissing up to April. This drives Callie crazy. She orders her to knock it off. So Jo goes off on April in the most awkward of ways. The odd scene allows Callie to deduce that April is pregnant. She later breaks down in tears. She learned that she can’t carry another baby due to complications from her past car accident. Both she and April manage to change the subject quickly by torturing Jo with comments that she totally could be the resident who is getting the boot. That’s not going to help the nervous hives Jo has been getting lately.

Even though Alex is in the private sector now, he can’t help popping back into the hospital. He blackmails Shane into pushing through a surgery on a young boy while keeping it a secret from Arizona, who finds out what’s going on anyway. Shane is booted out of the surgery. He ends up having his hands full with a baby whose organs are suddenly in danger. Arizona boots Shane out of this situation, too. Later, she tells Alex to just ask for help next time instead of poaching patients to keep up at his new gig.

Richard, Ben and Leah treat a woman recovering from rectal cancer. She has poor sphincter control which causes her to go poo-poo on a pretty regular basis. She also has some serious issues with gas. Leah pitches a solution to her problem. Basically, the patient is going to be given a magnetic butthole. Richard lets Leah know that she did great thing today. She’s a very good doctor, but she’s not a surgeon. She’s being dismissed from the surgical residency program. Richard assures her that this is actually an act of kindness to help her find her way.

Amelia has been feuding with her boyfriend, James, via phone because she wants to stay in Seattle permanently. She’s going to have to break up with the guy. Meredith lets Derek know that Amelia wants to move to Seattle. Her hubby then lets his wife know that he wants to move to Washington, DC. A stunned look fills Meredith’s face.

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