S10 E17 Do You Know?

03/27/14 | TV-14 | CC

Cristina does a delicate operation where she’s able to repair a car accident victim’s heart, but the guy, Jason, is paralyzed. He’ll never breathe on his own again. His wife, Elise, wants Cristina to ask her husband if he wants to be taken off the ventilator. The answer is yes. This experience leads to Cristina questioning the way she’s living her life.

In one possible future, Jackson hurts his hand just as Cristina tells Owen that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She gives him a passionate kiss. They wake up on the floor of their unfurnished home. A short time later, they are picking out a dog. They name him Mrs. Rodriguez. Cristina actually likes the cute pooch because, well, the dog totally gets her.

Jackson is told he’s barred from surgeries. The board says his hand needs more time to recover even though it’s been two years since his accident. After Jackson storms out of the room, Owen announces to the board that he’s been offered a plum job in Germany. Cristina doesn’t want to go. This sets the stage for a major argument between them. The fact that Mrs. Rodriguez won’t stop barking only adds to the tension.

Time passes. Cristina is pregnant. April calls them belly buddies because she’s pregnant, too. Cristina assures her that they are most certainly NOT belly buddies. She has her baby. When Owen is out of earshot, she tells Meredith that she screwed up. Sleepless nights with a crying baby ensue. Time passes and Cristina freaks out when her now-older baby gets hurt at the park. She orders Shane to take over Phase 3 of her clinical trial.

Time passes. Cristina has a chat with Meredith at the former baby Bailey’s 7th birthday bash. She’s sporting a snazzy new hairdo. Oh, and she’s pregnant again. Jackson is donning an odd goatee these days and he’s still not able to operate because of his hand. Oh, and he’s drinking from a flask. Time passes and Cristina honors the recipient of the Harper-Avery Award: Dr. Shane Ross. He thanks her for what she’s meant to him. Then he thanks a patient he saved a dozen years ago. This has Cristina in tears in a nearby stairwell moments later.

In the present day, Cristina asks her patient, Jason, if he wants to be taken off the ventilator. This time the answer is no. This time, in another possible future, Cristina does not tell Owen he’s the love of her life as Jackson hurts his hand. Instead, she tells him how great she feels about saving her patient’s life. This leads to another casual round of lovemaking. Time passes. Owen wants more out of their relationship but Cristina assures him that can’t happen. They break up only to fall back into their old pattern of just having sex.

Jason is still alive, but not happy. He agrees to a test that will allow him to walk with the help of a futuristic device. Jason has an accident. He’s hurt, but Cristina declines to help with the case. He’s not her patient anymore and she has important work to do with her trial. Owen is angry at Cristina for not comforting Jason’s wife, Elise. He tries to do so and learns that she’s always wanted a child. Owen totally understands. Elise kisses him. Owen doesn’t pull away. He later tells Cristina that he needs more from her.

Meredith wonders why her person keeps doing this to herself. Cristina asks her person to stop her from going back to Owen, who is blowing up at colleagues and struggling with his job, which is not the Chief. That title belongs to Meredith. Owen is drinking heavily. He’s intoxicated when he tells Cristina he loves her. He begs her to marry him. Time passes. Cristina dresses for a formal event, but her presenter is a late. Owen is busy at work at the hospital. He screws up and a patient suffers. The individual Cristina was waiting for finally shows. It’s Shane. He’s presenting her with the Harper-Avery award.

The hospital board votes to terminate Owen. As for Cristina, she gives a speech where she mentions how one moment can change your life forever. She talks about asking yourself if you want to live the way you are living. In the present, Cristina asks her patient, Jason, if he wants to be removed from the ventilator. The answer is yes.

This time Cristina doesn’t approach Owen at all. This allows her a moment to warn Jackson to be careful with his hand while fixing a machine. The accident to his hand never happens. Cristina watches as Owen enters the elevator. She lets him go. Then she goes back to work.

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