S11 E01 Season 11 Premiere: I Must Have Lost It on the Wind

09/25/14 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith recalls the day her mom lost her in the park. She was five. There were many other bad memories as well. She needs to talk about things with Alex, so she kicks Jo out of his bed. After all, it’s her house. Well, it was. 

The next day, Meredith meets Maggie Pierce, the new head of cardio, during a dangerous chopper drop of a patient on the roof. A gurney goes over the side and impales a vehicle below, trapping people inside.

Callie knows the young man inside the car. She doesn’t know the young woman with the head wound who was sitting on top of him. The harshness of the man’s mom and other factors has Arizona and Callie wondering about their future baby plans. Their chat is sidetracked by a surgeon (Geena Davis) who is looking to recruit Arizona for her fellowship.

An experience with the two kids hurt by the gurney has Callie thinking they should definitely get a surrogate. This decision could be derailed if Arizona decides to follow up on that fellowship thing.

Alex lets Bailey know that Cristina gave her board shares to Alex. However, according to the bylaws, new board members are appointed by a majority vote by other members. That means Bailey and Alex will have to duke it out.

Richard admits that he may have a daughter at an AA meeting. He had no idea Amelia was in the audience when he made his declaration.

April is hit hard when a father with a head injury dies after just trying to get his child’s Frisbee off the roof. She also tries to get some of the male docs to take Owen out to help him get over Cristina.

As for the deceased patient’s family, Amelia breaks the news to the wife while Derek talks to the man’s son. This latter conversation has Derek thinking about his own situation where he’s considering leaving his family behind for a job in DC.

A man who was wandering in the desert is brought in with severe dehydration. He’s desperate to find his family. They are still out there. Meredith breaks the news that he’s been wandering out there for months. His family is likely gone.

Dr. Pierce wants to examine their patient, but Meredith won’t let her do her thing. The patient begins to crash. Pierce comes in to save her while letting Meredith know that she’s not going to let her push her around. Bickering ensues. Richard overhears a follow up argument between Meredith and Maggie. He lets the latter know that he knows the two of them are sisters.

The hiker who had been wandering in the desert always sees his family when he sleeps. He sees his wife and daughter in his hospital room, only this time he is wide awake. After so many months, this loving family is finally reunited.

Alex lets Meredith know that it’s just them now. A long hug follows. In other news, Jackson admits to Richard that he’s freaked out by the thought of becoming a dad. He also lets him know that it would’ve been nice having him in the family if things had worked out with his mom.

Derek stops by Joe’s to let Meredith know that he resigned from the brain-mapping program in DC. He made this choice on his own. He chose to stay with his wife and their kids. Meredith needs a drink after this one. She sidles up to the bar where Maggie is already planted. They simultaneously order tequila. It’s eerie. It’s as if they are related.

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