S11 E06 Don't Let's Start

11/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

April’s excitable mom is in town. Actually, she’s in the hospital wanting to take her daughter out shopping for baby goods. April’s way too busy, so Jackson pinch-hits. They buy lots of stuff. There’s also a sentimental, somewhat smelly family crib sitting in the middle of the living room. April is overwhelmed by all of this. She has a mini-meltdown. She exclaims that she doesn’t want her mom’s help.

Jackson lets his wife know that he’s actually very appreciative for all the help Mama Kepner has thrown their way. As for April, she listens to her mother’s speech about how proud she is of her. She just wants to help with the baby. It’s a grandmother’s God-given right to interfere in such a loving way. April gets this. She asks if it would be okay to call her with question. Yeah, that’ll work. Oh, and they can ditch that smelly crib, too.

Bailey’s patient, Jeremy, has abdominal pains. He’s a busy man with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a lot of other dangerously-high health red flags. However, the biggest issue for this good-natured guy is the huge tumor he has growing inside him. The situation has Bailey taking control of her own health. She takes up jogging, not to mention aching. As for Jeremy, he tragically dies during surgery. A shaken Bailey delivers the news to the devastated family. You always think there’s going to be more time.

Melissa, a computer repair worker, was found unconscious on the ground after being carjacked. Owen performs an emergency procedure to get rid of all the blood in her belly. The patient is a veteran who served in Iraq. The car that was stolen contained everything she owned. Owen wants to help. The former army major has to pull rank on the stubborn ex-PFC to prove to her that she’s deserving of assistance. Message received.

The situation with Melissa has Jo worrying that someday things are going to change between her and Alex. She fears that she’s going to lose everything when it does. Alex assures her that she has him. He’s not going anywhere without her.

Derek prompts Meredith to ask Maggie over for dinner. He then takes it upon himself to invite Richard, too. This leads to a Mer-Der blowup at home. Actually, it’s more Mer than Der in this latest dust-up. The latter is just trying to bring the family together. The former eventually realizes this. A pre-dinner shower helps wash away the stress of the “train wreck” dinner that’s headed their way.

“Train wreck,” by the way, is how Amelia described the big dinner. Things are chugging in that direction when the guests of honor meet up outside the house. They can’t get inside because the hosts haven’t run out of hot water yet. Richard stops Maggie from fleeing by admitting that he screwed up. He apologizes for not knowing what to do. Maggie says okay to that. She’s still not staying for dinner though.

Arizona preps for a big fetal surgery. She has to do so without her mentor, as Dr. Herman is taking some personal time. Arizona has to make do with studying her notes. Come surgery day, Alex is allowed to observe as Dr. Herman begins the delicate procedure.

A well-prepared Arizona assists in the surgery. She knows what she’s doing, but Herman rails on her for not regurgitating her notes word-for-word. Alex believes Arizona needs to stand up for herself, so she does. During their chat, Dr. Herman reveals that she has a brain tumor. She’ll be dead in six months. She wants to use that time to teach Arizona everything she knows.

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