S11 E11 All I Could Do Was Cry

02/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

April and Jackson are hit with the devastating news that their baby is in pain even inside the womb. Arizona is taken off the case by Dr. Herman. These people are her friends, so she’s devastated. That’s not what they need right now. Catherine Avery compassionately helps come up with a plan. It involves inducing birth so a mother can hold her son until God takes him. April can do this while still praying for a miracle.

Dr. Herman needs April and Jackson sign some forms before they can proceed. One of them is a death certificate. April refuses to sign. She delays going into the surgery because they still don’t have a name. She’s also still holding out hope for a miracle. Elsewhere, the doctors take turns lighting candles in the chapel for their friends. Even Jackson makes an appearance. He asks God to show up for April. He needs God to show up for his wife.

Drew Hawkins has a tumor that caused him to go blind in the sense that only his subconscious can see. Amelia reluctantly admits that there’s a slim chance he may regain his sight after she operates. The procedure will be a practice run for the one she does on Dr. Herman. It’ll also give Drew a few more years to live. Stephanie questions the continuation of the procedure when it’s obvious there’s no hope for full recovery. Amelia presses on anyway.

Amazingly, Drew regains his eyesight. Amelia chastises Stephanie for not being willing to go into the darkest places when there’s nearly zero chances of success. It’s what makes some doctors great. In other news, Meredith is desperate to find someone to watch the kids. She’s surprised when Maggie volunteers. Now she can go see Derek for a spell, and for sex.

Brenda is a woman who was accidentally shot by her hunter husband, Howard. She’s rushed into surgery. While prepping for the operation, the docs discover that the patient is pregnant. Brenda had no idea. Her lab results, which Ben handed off to an intern, end up in Richard’s hands. His delivery of the item gets delayed when he sees Catherine, who avoids him. When Richard finally does talk to her, he offers his help. Catherine, however, prefers to be alone.

Brenda suffers through a difficult delivery to bring a baby girl into the world. There’s a problem when the gun pellet that was in her shoulder moves into her heart. Maggie races to remove it. Things are looking grim. Bailey begins talking to the patient. She wants her to pull through so she can hold her baby. Brenda does just that. She recovers from her injuries and, yes, she finally holds her baby.

The intern that got the lab results from Ben doesn’t even work at the hospital. She came in the night before. She’s been walking around in a daze after her fiancé passed away. Incredibly, April gives her an inspirational talk with the message that she’s going to be okay. Her speech does dual good. April let’s Jackson know that they should name their baby Samuel Norbert Avery. The Norbert is for her husband’s uncle. April and Jackson are now ready to take the next step.

Dr. Herman delivers the baby. April holds him in her arms with Jackson by her side. A priest baptizes the newborn in the recovery room. April is overjoyed when her baby squeezes her finger. Then it’s time for the little one to let go. Arizona sits by Dr. Herman outside the room. Catherine asks Richard to take her home and hold her. Back in the chapel, Amelia is pleasantly surprised to see that all the candles in the chapel have been lit. Owen takes a seat beside her. On such a dark day, the two of them drink in a little brightness.

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