S11 E02 Puzzle With a Piece Missing

10/02/14 | TV-14 | CC

Dr. Maggie Pierce likes puzzles. She assesses a problem, focuses her attention and then solves the puzzle. People are a little more difficult to figure out though. Maggie and Jo act as consults for Bailey with her patient, Robbie, who has kidney stones. He may also be at risk for cardiac arrest. Maggie also treats a woman, Rita, whose heart issues may cause her to die during childbirth.

Maggie learns that, Marjorie, the 88-year-old woman she saved early in the morning, actually wants to die. Jo tries to convince the patient’s daughter that it would be for the best. Maggie harshly chastises her for doing so. She “brings the thunder” because people who seem really nice or young or pretty aren’t always taken seriously. You need to bring the thunder every now and then in order to keep things real.

Maggie inadvertently gets Alex fired from his job after revealing that he may be up for a board seat in front of his boss. She blames Jo for this and boots her off her service. The hits just keep on coming when Maggie brings up Derek’s now-DOA DC job in front of Meredith. She makes a hasty exit to chat with Richard, who is in the middle of keeping Amelia hush-hush about his secret daughter. Once the other Dr. Shepherd leaves, Maggie reconsiders spilling her half-sis bombshell news to Meredith.

Maggie learns that Rita is having issues with her aorta. The baby needs to come out now. Rita is desperate after losing her first daughter to a freak accident. Her husband, Eric, now fears he’s going to lose his wife, too. Arizona eavesdrops as Maggie assures him that they are going to do their best to save both Rita and their new baby. Both mother and daughter pull through. This experience helps Arizona and Callie see things a little more clearly regarding their own baby situation.

Amelia calls for a cardio consult. Tracy is a young lady who had a stroke after vigorous sexually activity with a guy she just met at the gym. Maggie realizes this occurred because the woman has a hole in her heart. As she repairs it, she bonds with Amelia, who says Meredith is worth getting to know.

Maggie is angry at Meredith for doing a procedure on her elderly patient without checking with her first. She’s in the middle of reading her the riot act on the stairwell when they are interrupted by a giant singing sturgeon. It happens. The fabulous almost-falsetto fish was a gift for Maggie from her parents back in Boston. Surprise! The timing of the gift could have been better, but Maggie lets her folks know that she loved it. She also tells them it may have been a mistake coming to Seattle.

Bailey likes Maggie primarily because she flat-out states that board is crazy for shutting down the genome lab. Speaking of the lab, they use it map out Robbie’s medical issues. They also find the genetic mutation that made the kids in the McNeil family, Cristina’s old patients, so sick. Maggie tells the McNeils that everyone did everything they could to make the kids healthier. No one could have known about any of this until just now. It was a puzzle. Maggie kept looking because, well, she likes puzzles.

Meredith is working hard to save a crashing Marjorie. Maggie takes over the rescue effort. Her approach is far less aggressive. In a calm voice, she lets Marjorie know that she’s with her. She lets her know she’s okay. Moments later, Marjorie is gone. Meredith refuses to acknowledge the time of death. She storms out of the OR and later reports Maggie’s actions to Owen.

Maggie defends herself to Owen. She then confronts Meredith about her actions. Their discussion is interrupted by Marjorie’s daughter, who doesn’t yet know that her mother has passed. Maggie stumbles as she begins to reveal the tragic news. Meredith helps her out by saying that they did everything they could to save her mother.

Jo decides that she deserves a second chance with Maggie, who gives her one. She also finally remembers her name. Well, kinda. She had to write it down. A short time later, Maggie finally tells Meredith that her mother was Ellis Grey. The news is not taken well. Meredith thinks Maggie is either wrong or lying. She orders her to stay away from her. Welcome to Seattle, Dr. Pierce.

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