S11 E07 Could We Start Again, Please?

11/13/14 | NR | CC

An elderly man, Norris, who jumped from a burning building while trying to save his wife, Hattie, refuses to stop clutching her dead body. Meredith is able to talk him into finally letting go. She finds a pulse in the presumed-dead wife. Amelia plans to operate on Hattie until the woman’s daughter, who knows her from a Narcotics Anonymous group, announces she’s junkie in front of all her peers.

Derek takes over Amelia’s brain surgery with Maggie working on Hattie’s other injuries. The whispers of what was heard filter through the halls. Richard gives Amelia a pep talk. What’s past is past, but you can never get away from it. All you can do is stay on track. When Owen asks about what happened, Amelia says it’s her right to not talk to him. Derek is asked if his sister should be the Chief of Neurosurgery. He doesn’t give an answer.

Amelia is furious at Derek, who promises that he will fix everything. The board meets. Derek jumps in before any discussion can get started. He says his sister is in recovery. Her trust was violated. The hospital should have protected her. Her brother should have protected her. Derek has flashbacks of that day their dad was killed. In the present, he admits that he didn’t protect Amelia because he wanted her job. It’s a job he says he couldn’t perform any better than Amelia is doing right now.

Arizona tends to Emily, a pregnant patient with a baby who may be bleeding into a tumor. She needs Dr. Herman, who is away dealing with her own cancer. When Arizona is forced to do an emergency C-section due to her mentor being MIA, she makes the decision to tell Owen about Herman immediately after the surgery.

The baby is delivered. Arizona assists Alex until there’s a complication with Emily. It’s bad. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the patient dies on the table. Dr. Herman, who had been observing everything from afar, lets the patient’s husband know that Arizona did the right thing. If they had continued with the original plan, both mother and baby would have died. Arizona wants Herman to show her a procedure that possibly could have given the mom a chance. Her chat with Owen won’t be happening after all.

Jo is prepping for her first solo surgery by regurgitating all of the steps of the procedure to Stephanie. She does so just moments after regurgitating her lunch. Jo had no idea that Bailey was a few restroom stalls away. She was listening in on all of her yacking (both the verbal and the physical). Even after all that, Jo does all right. Or does she? Jo fears she may have skipped a step. She didn’t. Bailey lets her know this, but not before teaching her a lesson about second-guessing herself.

In random relationship news, April lets Jackson know that she’s not worried about their baby because of her faith. He can’t buy into that, but doesn’t mind that his wife does. Callie tells Meredith that all the “timeouts” she’s been enjoying with Derek lately are just a temporary bandage for their issues.

Maggie gets an invite for drinks to make up for the dinner that never was. A conversation between Meredith, Alex and Callie about how they all slept with the same people at different times ensues. Yes, they are all “related through sex.” Cue Arizona’s arrival to make things a little awkward. Friendly, but awkward.

Derek tries to apologize to Amelia. He’s always tried to protect her since their dad died. He knows that she can take care of herself now. Derek admits that he doesn’t know who he is anymore. He’s angry and miserable. He hurts the people he loves. He doesn’t know what to do. Amelia knows exactly how he feels. She knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom.

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