S11 E10 The Bed's Too Big Without You

02/05/15 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith is missing the “Der” in her “Mer-Der.” Alex, who isn’t missing the “Jo” in his “mojo,” is failing miserably in his “person” duties. The guy refuses to answer Mer’s texts while he’s having sex. Priorities, Dr. Karev! Meredith alleviates some of her loneliness by convincing Bailey to join her on a tumor surgery on the liver of a woman, Adrian.  Meredith and Jo swear on the good book, in this case it’s The Odyssey, that the procedure will be no big deal. However, once they get into the surgery, they realize the tumor has spread all over the place. Meredith has no idea what to do next.

Meredith, Maggie and Bailey inform Adrian’s worried husband that they are going to figure out what to do with his wife. They use the 3D printer to create a version of the tumor so they can hold it in their hands. It’s a long process. During the wait, Meredith talks about how her bed feels lonely now that Derek is gone. Amelia shares her own non-solo sleeping story. Bailey and Maggie also tell tales of sharing a bed with someone.

Once the tumor is printed out in full, a team of the best docs in town explore options on how to attack it. They are only halfway through their dry run when an emergency call comes in. They have to operate on Adrian for real right away. Decisions need to be made on the fly. Meredith uses the 3D print as a guide to lead the charge against the tumor. The team manages to remove one giant, ugly, Cyclops-of-a-tumor out of Adrian’s body. Success!

Dr. Herman has compiled a batch of the most complex cases in the land to perform over the next few weeks. It’s all part of her crash course in fetal surgeries she’ll be doing with Arizona. In other news, Callie pushes Owen to make a move on the sexy tech rep who was flirting with him. The problem is she was coming on to her, not him. Callie is completely caught off guard by this. She’s just not ready to pursue anything even with no strings attached. Neither is Owen. The two of them wonder if they’ve “used up all their happy.”

Jackson wants to talk about the worst case scenario regarding their baby. April forces him to say that they should terminate if the situation is too dire. She’s not onboard with this plan. April’s mom, Karen, arrives and whisks her off to church. All three of them meet up at home later. A shouting match between Jackson and Karen leads to April telling them both to shut up. Their arguing isn’t helping anything. In fact, it’s only making April feel more alone. Later that night, Jackson holds her close in bad assuring her that she’s not.

Meredith isn’t the only one feeling alone. Nobody believes Amelia will be able to save Dr. Herman from her life-threatening tumor including the patient. The residents are thoroughly baffled by the plan of attack. Richard assures Amelia that nobody thinks her plan will work is because nobody else understands it. Well, almost nobody. Stephanie suddenly gets it. Suddenly, Amelia doesn’t feel so alone.

PAUSE! Remember how Alex refused to answer Meredith’s text during sex? It’s because he wasn’t willing to “pause” the activities at hand. Jo, however, is. She uses the “pause” technique Meredith taught her to check out a text from Stephanie, who is “rockin’ neuro with Girl Shepherd,” aka Amelia. As for the pause-master herself, she’s now sharing a bed with the 3D print of that tumor. Meredith makes a late-night Facetime call to Maggie because 3D tumor prints can’t gossip with you. Only sisters can.

April and Jackson silently wait for preliminary test results that’ll determine how bad the situation is with their baby. When Arizona doesn’t reveal the news right away, Jackson realizes that she’s waiting for Dr. Herman. They always call in the big guns for the truly bad news. Jackson and April hold hands as Dr. Herman enters the room. She has their test results. What those results are remains to be seen.

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