S11 E13 Staring at the End

02/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

Amelia navigates some post-kiss awkwardness with Owen. She gives a presentation on the impossible tumor that she will be attempting to take out of Dr. Herman, who has 6-8 weeks before they reach the point of no return. So she and Arizona continue to jam in as many surgeries as possible. That doesn’t include Glenda Castillo, a patient Bailey desperately wants Herman to see.

Dr. Herman presses Arizona into action during the surgery marathon. She needs to see what she can do. Bailey convinces Arizona to trick Dr. Herman to see Glenda Castillo. The patient’s unborn baby has a tumor in its back. Once Dr. Herman realizes she’s been duped, she reiterates her stand on not operating on this particular woman. She simply doesn’t have the time or inclination to take away another patient’s operation that’s already in the plan.

Amelia is furious at Dr. Herman for not going through with her scheduled radiation treatments. She continues to give a master class for neurosurgery to an ever-growing crowd of curious medical professionals. She’s not about give up even though new obstacles keep coming up.

Dr. Herman and Arizona lose the baby of a patient who had complications a day before her scheduled surgery. That means Glenda Castillo gets bumped up to the big leagues. What’s best for the patient isn’t best for the baby. Glenda wants to put her child first. Arizona laughs at the fact that Herman is frustrated because the patient is doing to her the same exact thing she’s been doing to Amelia.

Amelia loses it for a minute. She insults Stephanie, who gives her a tough love speech. The general theme of it is for Amelia to get it together. That’s going to be tough for someone who has always lived in the shadow of her brother. Nevertheless, Amelia gives a stirring speech about her plan. She’s thrown only for a moment when Callie asks if Derek will be helping her. He won’t be.

Callie worries about Arizona regarding the closeness of her relationship with Dr. Herman. Old habits. As for Dr. Herman, she admits that she doesn’t really want to hand over her surgeries. She doesn’t want to let go. It’s for this reason that she asks Arizona to make her not regret doing so. A delicate operation takes place. Arizona hits a snag in the surgery, but she does some slick problem-solving. Herman is impressed.

Dr. Herman begins feeling as though things are darker than usual. Amelia realizes the time has come to operate. Arizona breaks the news to Herman, who advises her on how to operate on Glenda Castillo, who is also in distress. The time has come for both of them to do their thing. Arizona will do the surgery on Glenda solo while Herman allows herself to be the patient. The OR is prepped. The time is now.

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