S11 E15 I Feel the Earth Move

03/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

The entire hospital shakes violently. In fact, all of Seattle gets a little rattled. It’s an earthquake! Maggie is briefly trapped in an elevator with the handsome, flirty Ethan from Radiology. She meets up with him again during a consult, but turns down his request for a date. Callie thinks it’s because she’s a snob. In other news, April is back at work and Jackson gives Ben the opportunity to join the Plastics Posse. Who knew that name would endure?


Jo realizes that Meredith hasn’t lost a patient in some time. She’s on a winning streak. Meredith treats patients from a family with bickering, unrelated kids. The young boy, who suffered the worst of the injuries, is in distress. Meredith manages to bring the kid back. The streak continues!

75-year-old Jean fell out of bed while the earth moved. It was from her vigorous love-making with Herbert from down the hall as opposed to the quake. Callie wants to do a procedure to give her full flexibility. Maggie worries it might be too much for her heart. Jean, however, wants to live life to the fullest. In other words, she wants to have a lot more sex. The old girl still has some sweet moves in her repertoire. She’s been reading up!

Owen fields a call from an 11-year-old girl, Ruby, whose mom was injured during the earthquake. They are trapped in a remote part of the mountains. The mom has an obstructed airway. Owen and Amelia talk her through a procedure to get her breathing better. The patient isn’t out of the woods yet though and the young girl’s cell phone is going south fast.

Owen talks Ruby through a tracheotomy. It’s a momentary success. Then there’s no pulse. Owen instructs Ruby into doing CPR. He uses the song “Stayin’ Alive” as a reference. The young girl doesn’t know the tune, so Owen, Richard and Amelia sing it for her. Ah, ha, ha, ha…Stayin’ Alive. Ruby does her best and bravest to keep up the CPR. Help is on the way, but the phone is dead. The young girl is on her own until the rescue team arrives.

A worried Owen waits for Ruby to call back. He’s joined by an equally-tense Amelia, Richard and April. RING! A call finally comes in. Owen races to the roof where the mom from the cabin has been choppered in. She’s alive. Ruby runs into Owen’s arms. They hold each other tight. Amelia works on Ruby’s mom when she goes into distress. It’s touch-and-go, but all is well in the end. Amelia and Owen share an extended hug to celebrate. This leads to a more passionate embrace in an on-call room.

Maggie claims the reason she doesn’t date is because things always get awkward. Callie doesn’t buy it. She advises her to get over her fear. So Maggie makes plans with Ethan after catching up with him in the elevator. You know, it’s that romantic place where they first met. In other relationship news, Ben’s teaming with Jackson has him rethinking his reaction to his brother-turned-sister’s transformation. He gives her a call and apologizes to his wife for how he’s been acting.

While teasing Alex about his dating history, Meredith admits that she sometimes misses her hookups with Derek, but denies she’s in a rut. Alex isn’t so sure. Mer also learns about her streak. It all began the day Derek left for DC. She’s been surgically perfect since he’s been gone. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to share her good fortune with him. Meredith gives her husband a call. She’s caught completely off guard when a strange woman answers his cell phone.

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