S11 E17 With or Without You

03/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

Derek explains that the mystery woman who answered his phone is his research fellow. That’s all there is to it. Meredith isn’t a hundred percent sure this is the truth. We jump back to a time in DC to learn that the name of Derek’s researcher is Renee. She’s smart and pretty. Derek made no secret of the fact that he was looking forward to working with her.

Seven weeks ago, Renee revealed to Derek that she’s looking to cure autism. These two sneak subtle looks at each other. Renee later vents about the struggles she’s been having. Derek lets her know that the reason she’s so frustrated is because she’s also so close. Again, some emotional looks are exchanged. A week ago, Derek calls Renee into the lab. He’s made a breakthrough discovery during her research. Renee says she could kiss him. Then she does.

Alex treats a 17-year-old kid, Danny, who needs a new liver. Meredith recommends a risky surgery. Alex is ticked she didn’t discuss it with him first. He wants to know what her deal is. Could it have something to do with Derek? Both Callie and Maggie fear her McDream man came home to apologize for something he’s done. As for Danny, he wants the surgery. His emotional sister, who is also his guardian, agrees to give consent as long as she knows the surgery will work.

Meredith and Alex continue to disagree on the best road to take during the surgery. Danny takes a bad turn. Meredith’s latest suggestion works, but they still aren’t out of the woods. Things take an even worse turn. Alex ultimately has to break the news to Danny’s sister that her brother is gone. Meredith’s streak is over. Alex forces a hug on her. Then he’s able to embrace her without resistance.

Owen’s mother, Evelyn, is brought into the hospital after having taken a fall in the shower. She wasn’t alone when it happened. Her much younger boyfriend, John, was there making breakfast. Owen had no clue about any of this. He believes this guy is after his mom’s money. Evelyn isn’t naïve, but she truly believes John loves her. Owen still doesn’t think this guy is genuine. He takes his frustration out on Amelia.

Owen’s feelings have his mother pushing John away. Evelyn takes a bad turn. She goes into shock. John lets Owen know that he’ll leave his mother alone, but not until he knows she’s okay. He knows that she no longer wants him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want her. Owen takes a seat as his colleagues do their best to save his mother. He realizes that John’s feelings may, in fact, be genuine. That’s why the two of them are there by Evelyn’s bedside when she awakens.

Callie returns some of Arizona’s stuff to her. These two seem to be finally in a good place. That changes when the two of them bicker over a wedding gift from Mark. The bottom line is neither of them wants the ugly vase. Mark had terrible taste in some things, but in other areas he was one of a kind. After all, he gave Callie and Arizona their daughter, Sofia. Still, the hideous vase has to go.

Stephanie has fallen behind after spending all that time working with Amelia. She gets snitched on by Ben after trying to bribe her way onto a cool surgery. Bailey lets her know that she needs to do a lot better than 50 bucks. In other news, Jo treats a woman who has a leech up her nose. Removing it proves to be a challenge, but the little sucker eventually gets yanked after April lends a hand. Jo wants to name the slimy guy Herbie.

At the end of a long day, Owen apologizes to Amelia for how he spoke to her. The two of them make up in a way that doesn’t require clothing. Elsewhere, Meredith and Derek are unable to patch things up so easily. There’s an unsettling silence as Derek flashes back to his brief kiss with Renee. He pulled away once he realized that he loves his wife. He already has everything he wants.

Once Derek realized that Meredith was the only one for him, he raced off to catch the first flight home. He left his keys and cell phone behind. He didn’t rush home because a strange woman picked up when his wife called. He was already on his way before that. Derek vows that he will do everything in his power to prove to Meredith that he can’t live without her. His wife, on the other hand, can live without him. She just doesn’t want to.

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