S11 E18 When I Grow Up

04/02/15 | TV-14 | CC

Now that Derek is back, Meredith feels blessed. Her hubby has returned to be with their perfect kids in their beautiful home as she continues to work at her dream job. Meredith has admittedly become one of those people you just want to punch because they have it all. As for Derek, he can have his old job back as long as he does what his sister/boss says.

Jackson struggles to convince the world that the “Plastics Posse” is a cool name. Even a group of 5th graders don’t buy its appeal. The kids are at the hospital for a field trip. They get a firsthand peek at all the drama and trauma that goes with an ER when seriously wounded police officers are brought in after an attempted bank robbery. Two of them, Brett and Pete, are brothers, with the latter being brain dead. The former also succumbs to brain death during surgery. Their mother is understandably devastated.

Callie treats a heroic cop, Dan, who is upset that he had to fire his weapon for the first time in 14 years of duty. He wants to be kept in the loop on the condition of one of the teenage suspects, the alleged driver, who is going to need a liver. Bailey disregards Meredith’s wishes to ask the police officers’ mother if she’d be willing to donate her son’s organs to save the kid who killed him.

Arizona tanks while talking to the school kids, but Alex is a hit. As for Stephanie, she’s interested in dating one of the chaperones. Too bad he’s still in high school. In other news, Callie and Meredith learn that the surviving cop, Dan, keeps asking about the wounded teen because he knows him. He and Brett set him up in foster care. Dan isn’t looking to settle a score. He’s looking for what Brett called this kid’s “moment” to get turned around.

The wheels are once again put in motion to get the wounded teen that liver. Brett’s mom signs off on the transplant after a talk with Dan. Other organs are taken from both fallen brothers. The teen survives. The 37 people that were inside the bank during the robbery are safe. Hundreds of others are getting a second chance through organ donations. It’s all because two heroic police officers managed to continue to save lives even in death.

Julie, one of the kids on the field trip, has lots of questions about the injured cops. She goes missing for a spell. Derek finds her in the observation room. They watch as Meredith works on one of the police officers. Julie decides she wants to be a doctor. Derek knows how she feels. It’s a pretty great moment when you realize what you truly want. Some might feel blessed when this happens.

Officer Dan admits that he would have asked Callie out to dinner if they had met under normal circumstances. Since these aren’t normal circumstances, they’ll have to settle for a follow-up medical visit. For now, that is. Elsewhere, Jackson works to make the hero cops look as good as possible for their mother at the funerals. He tells April that this is something Mark Sloan would have done.

Derek and Amelia have a heart-to-heart at the end of a difficult day. Memories of the tragedy that befell their dad come up. Derek has had some truly profound revelations about his life. He shares them all with his sis. As for Amelia, she admits that she may be falling in love with Owen. She has a fear that it may destroy her. In an oddly comforting way, Derek assures his sis that it wouldn’t be love if she didn’t.

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