S11 E19 Crazy Love

04/09/15 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith discovers that Amelia is sleeping with Owen. Derek neglected to mention this. Guess it slipped his mind during all the sex he’s been having with his wife. He must part ways with her now though. There’s the little matter of resigning from a presidential post in DC.

Maggie wonders why Ethan is ignoring her after their no-kiss first date. Callie is also on the outs with the cop she recently met. As for Maggie, she confronts Ethan about why he never called. It’s because she never stopped talking, and she ordered for him, and she paid. He didn’t even really need to be there. Alex comforts Maggie by complimenting that lisp-y thing that happens when she talks. Maggie later admits to Ethan that she talked so much because she was nervous.

Marisa McKay is a top notch amateur golfer with a severe misalignment of her spine. Owen backs Amelia’s plan of attack much to Callie’s dismay. Unfortunately, things go south fast. Amelia needs Callie to save the day. Ben lectures the two lead docs on how they need to agree on the best course of action before he can assist them. Callie and Amelia work in harmony soon afterwards. Unfortunately, Marisa will never play golf again. Amelia blames herself. She also blames her relationship with Owen for what went wrong.

A man’s wife cut off his penis. Thank goodness there was a nearby Chinese food container nearby to carry the severed appendage to the hospital along with the patient, famed chef, Thomas Archibald. Stephanie rushes the penis up to Jackson. She rattles off a bunch of unintended double-entendres before going on her way. As for the penis reattachment plan, this looks like a job for Catherine Avery!

Things are a tad awkward between Richard and Catherine. Speaking of awkward things, the thoughts some of the hospital’s top docs reveal about what they’d like to do to the cheaters they’ve come across are somewhat disturbing. As for the surgery on the chef who was sliced up south of the border, Stephanie steps in to get some unexpected hands-on penis practice.

Stephanie’s questioning of Richard as to how he knew he wanted to do general surgery leads to a story that isn’t as inspiring as she’d hoped it would be. It has to do with loops of intestines. Richard later gets into a shouting match with April. It’s all about Catherine. At the end of it, Richard agrees that April can call Catherine whenever she wants.

Chef Archibald forgives his knife-wielding wife. After all, he broke their role of only sleeping with waitresses and hostesses. The pretty sous chef he was with was certainly off limits. Speaking of that other woman, the saying that “hell hath no fury like a sous chef scorned” certainly rings true when the chef gets his penis lopped off once again. Stephanie manages to retrieve the busy appendage for a second time.

Catherine is thoroughly impressed. She wants Stephanie to join her in Boston on a fellowship, but Steph’s not all that thrilled about handling penises on a daily basis. As for Catherine, she lets an apologizing Richard know that she can’t go through the love/work balancing act with him. Then she reconsiders. Sure they’ll probably hurt each other again, but they also love each other, too. That means they’ll both keep coming back.

Amelia has been shaken by the events of the day. She first gives Owen a stern lecture. Then Meredith gets an earful at home. A short time later, Owen confronts Amelia about what’s really going on with her. He needs to know because he wants what they started, but he needs help. Their conversation is interrupted when a phone call comes in for Dr. Shepherd. The caller is actually looking for Derek. He never showed up for his appointment at the White House. So where is he?

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