S11 E20 One Flight Down

04/16/15 | TV-14 | CC

While on his way to work, Richard sees a plane plunging toward the ground. He races to the hospital where all is calm. Then victims of the crash pour in. Owen pushes aside his feelings of Amelia’s rejection of him to take charge during the trauma. Everyone is in full crisis mode. Meredith, however, is having flashbacks of the plane crash that took Mark and Lexie. She finds Arizona cowering in a closet. They comfort each other by repeatedly stating aloud that they are okay.

The pilot, Sam, had a heart attack while on a first date. Kate, the woman he was courting, bravely took over at the controls. These two fell hard for each other. They believe they are in love. Sam takes a bad turn. Maggie is summoned to help shortly after learning about the plane crash that Meredith survived. The docs actually end up using glue to repair Sam’s hurting heart.

Kate is suffering from memory loss. This turn of events leads to even more contentiousness between Owen and Amelia. Stephanie is not about to let Owen and Amelia’s all-day bicker-fest destroy her efforts to get these two plane people together as evidenced by the passionate lecture she unleashes on them. As for Kate, she finally remembers how great things were with Sam.

Callie doesn’t feel it’s her job to check on Arizona any longer. She does, however, express concern for Meredith. Derek missed meeting in Washington. There’s been no word from him. Bailey gives Meredith a set time to freak out, but she has to keep it together until then.

Arizona is completely overwhelmed as the plane crashed into a prenatal yoga class. What are the odds?! Alex tries to help by hovering over Arizona. He finally tells her that he’s the one who cut off her leg. Callie explains that she knew Arizona needed someone to hate. She didn’t want her to hate Alex, too.

Meredith has flashbacks of her last conversations with Derek. They were quite pleasant and involved the notion of having another baby. In other relationship news, Owen admits that today’s plane crash had him recalling the one that injured and killed several of his friends. He’s the one who sent them on that ill-fated flight. He shares his feelings of guilt with Amelia.

Richard somewhat embellishes his eyewitness account of the plane crash. April tries to bring him back to reality. It doesn’t quite work. Even though Richard wasn’t actually near-death, it was still close enough to make him take stock of what he has. He’s feeling pretty grateful about that. Stephanie knows just how he feels. As for Meredith, she is about to make some calls when the flashing lights outside her window stop her cold. Freak out time has arrived.

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