S2 E04 Deny Deny Deny

10/16/05 | TV-14 | CC

One relationship ends, one begins and one might even reconcile. There’s hope for Meredith and McDreamy now that Addison gives him divorce papers to sign. Alex and Izzie go on their first date. One of the interns faces expulsion after failing a medical board exam.

Derek tells Addison, “There was a time when I thought you were the love of my life. Things change.” And with that, she slaps him with divorce papers. She’ll fly out of Seattle as soon as he signs them. We thought he would have signed them on the spot, but he doesn’t. Now we’re all wondering...

Cristina is a terrible patient. She steals patients’ charts and sneaks into rounds until Bailey restricts her to bed rest. She can’t help it, she’s a surgeon and she’s trying to avoid her bubbly mother who likes Burke. She tells him more about Cristina in two minutes than he ever knew. When Burke gets Cristina alone, he says he had a right to know about the pregnancy.

One of Bailey’s very first and favorite patients returns to Seattle Grace. Bailey lights up every time she talks to him. Complications with his Cystic Fibrosis make the surgery very risky. Addison offers to stay in town and help with the operation—Mer just can’t get rid of Addison. During surgery, the patient crashes and Bailey fights to save him. She’s not going to give up. Tears are welling up in her eyes—in ours too. We’ve never seen her so shaken.

Meredith’s mother is still at Seattle Grace but keeps escaping from her room thinking she’s still a doctor. George can’t handle her and asks the Chief to have someone else watch her. The Chief says he’ll do it himself. George is pissed he disappointed his boss. Ellis kisses Chief Webber—a real kiss, not just a friendly peck. The Chief reluctantly restrains Ellis’s wrists to the hospital bed.

McDreamy and Alex treat a man who claims he shot himself while cleaning his gun, but discover his wife actually shot him because he had an affair. The guy admits he was stupid to cheat and feels like he deserved it. McDreamy can’t help but think of Addison.

Izzie and Alex meet at Joe’s to go on their first date. She looks amazing. She’s so excited but Alex is in a foul mood and doesn’t tell her why. He just found out that he didn’t pass the clinical portion of his medical boards. He has four months to take it again and pass or he’s out.

Finally, Cristina completely breaks down and can’t stop crying. The tears had to come out sometime. Burke crawls into Cristina’s bed, comforting her with soft kisses on her head. It’s so sweet and tender, we just melt.

Addison puts on her wedding ring, right in front of Meredith and warns her that if there’s even the slightest chance McDreamy wants her back, she’s not leaving Seattle. Meredith seems pretty sure that McDreamy will choose her and Addison will be flying back to NY soon. That is until she finds the divorce papers in McDreamy’s bag UNSIGNED. What’s the hold up McDreamy?

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