S2 E07 Something To Talk About

11/06/05 | TV-14 | CC

Gossip is all the rage at Seattle Grace with Meredith feeling the brunt of it. The SGH staff isn’t just talking about poor broken-hearted Meredith, there’s a pregnant man, a heart that bursts into flames and a breath-taking, romantic first kiss.

Yes, you read it right—pregnant man. Cristina found him in the psych ward but he’s not crazy, he looks full on pregnant. Cristina, Meredith and Izzie are determined to poach this patient. Psych thinks he’s suffering from sympathy pains for his pregnant wife but his pregnancy test comes back positive.

Burke tells Cristina they have to come clean to the Chief about their relationship. He doesn’t want to be the center of the SGH gossip mill like McDreamy and Meredith. Cristina adamantly refuses. This could seriously jeopardize her career.

The pregnant guy’s x-rays come back with a startling surprise. The thing growing in his belly has teeth and hair. What?! It’s a rare teratoma turmor. Bailey pulls the girls aside saying, “Don’t think for a moment I condone stealing patients. That said, way to go.” She so wants in on this surgery.

McDreamy orders Alex to baby-sit Wheelchair Girl whose overprotective parents refuse to allow her to have an operation that could finally allow her to have a normal life.

Chief Webber offers Addison a full time position at Seattle Grace but McDreamy has to come through on his promise to her before she will accept the offer.

Wheelchair Girl has never been kissed before and asks Alex to do her the favor. Alex tells her, “You want it to be with someone you can’t get out of your head. A kiss so hot so deep you never want to come up for air.” Just makes you MELT. You want to watch it again and again. That statement alone makes up for all of Alex’s jackass moves.

Bailey’s momma bear side comes out when she warns McDreamy to leave Meredith to mend. “She’s a human traffic accident. She’s doing the best with what she’s got left.”

Burke chooses George to assist with the bleeding heart case. “You’re my guy, George.” During surgery, her heart spontaneously catches on fire! George puts out the fire, saving her life. Her pushover husband realizes that after surviving five surgeries, his wife the “mythical monster” will survive without him. Burke and George can’t help but laugh.

Addison and McDreamy are at the marriage counselor who is excited about their progress. Addison reaches out for McDreamy’s hand but he awkwardly pulls away. Looks like there might be some bumps on the road to progress.

Cristina is surprised to find Burke sitting in the Chief’s office. When they see her watching through the window, she just can’t hide the look of shock and fear on her face.

The interns are at Joe’s bar when Alex comes in, walks up to Izzie and gives her an amazing, passionate, swoon-worthy kiss. He says goodnight and then walks away. Wow! Words are just not enough. You HAVE to see this.

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