S2 E09 Thanks For the Memories

11/20/05 | TV-14 | CC

Happy Thanksgiving! Izzie has high hopes for a big family-style dinner. McDreamy and Addison schedule holiday sex. George’s dad takes a bullet in the behind. A man wakes up after 16 years in a coma. Meredith says goodbye to Derek for good. Maybe.

Izzie’s big Thanksgiving dinner isn’t turning out exactly as she hoped. Meredith volunteered to work today. George’s family drags him out on a turkey hunting trip. Cristina brings Burke. Ugh, holiday with the boss! Oh no, something’s burning.

Addison suggests to McDreamy that they have sex tonight. It’ll be the first time since their split. McDreamy says they’ve never had to schedule sex. But he agrees to meet her for lunch. He’s going to Seattle Grace to check on patients. Let’s see if he’ll be back in time for lunch or sex.

McDreamy, Bailey and Chief Webber are at Seattle Grace avoiding the holiday. These surgeons just can’t stay away. Meredith comes in because she doesn’t have much to be thankful for. Bailey smiles widely and says “Surgeries. Lots and lots of surgeries!”

Mer is talking to her coma patient when his eyes suddenly open. He’s been in a vegetative state for 16 years. Now she has to consult McDreamy—awkward. She asks him, “Me and you in this weird limbo. It’s gonna go on forever, right?” Oh, we hope not.

Izzie is mortified that Cristina brought Burke. Cristina explains, “He’s like something sticky that won’t blow off.” Cristina is so relieved when Joe arrives. He’s a bartender. He must have booze. He brought pie. What is she supposed to do with that? She’s going out for some liquor. You know she’s going to Seattle Grace.

George’s brothers tease him about not being an O’Malley man. They aren’t leaving ‘til George kills his first turkey. He did it. His bros are so excited one of them accidentally shoots Dad in the ass. This will definitely be a memorable holiday.

Mer meets Vegetable Guy’s wife. Uh oh—this isn’t going to be a cheerful family reunion. She’s pregnant and remarried. Not a cheerful family reunion at all.

George pulls bullets out his dad’s ass and complains his family doesn’t treat him the same. His dad says it’s the other way around. George finally understands their issues. He tells his dad he performed heart surgery in an elevator. His dad proudly says, “That’s really something.” Ah, it’s sweet and awkward and funny at the same time.

Izzie and Burke are sitting alone at the beautifully set table. Where is everybody? Izzie tells Burke he can go, but he insists on staying. We hope the rest of the gang shows up.

Mer asks McDreamy, “Do you love her?” He says, “I don’t know.” Mer tells him he’s the kind of person who tries to make it work—that’s what she loved about him. She uses this moment as closure and says, “Goodbye Derek.” So bittersweet.

McDreamy pulls up to his trailer and finds Addison waiting in the rain with cold Chinese take-out. She says, “Are you done punishing me? Because if not, I’m going to need to special order a thicker skin.” He sits next to her and kisses her. She makes it so hard to hate her. We’re kinda rooting for her. For Meredith too.

Mer goes home to find everyone gathered for dinner. She’s just not up for it and goes to Joe’s bar where she flirts with a cute guy…but only after she finds out he’s not a doctor.

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