S2 E19 What Have I Done to Deserve This?

02/26/06 | TV-14 | CC

No one knows what transpired between George and Meredith but George and Meredith and they aren't talking, but everyone knows something happened. They suffer in silence over their transgression until everything bubbles to the surface, and once the secret is spilled, it's only a matter of minutes before George spills, too down a stairwell, where he dislocated his shoulder and then meets a fan of his. Addison suffers for her transgression, too, in the form of poison oak on her va jay jay.

When not performing bedside surgery on a little boy, Derek is trying to be Meredith's friend for once (especially when it looks like she might not have any other friends). Alex and Izzie get to treat Denny again but Izzie treats him much better. In addition to Denny, Burke has a male patient with a very delicate aneurism on his heart that can burst at any moment and knowing that leads the man's fiancée to leave him. Cristina and George are also on the case. After more self pity from George, Cristina tells him to suck it up and George does he moves out. But only to wind up on Burke and Cristina's couch (much to her chagrin).

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