S3 E03 Sometimes a Fantasy

10/05/06 | TV-14 | CC

Izzie and Burke both attempt a return to Seattle Grace but only one actually steps inside. And while some doctors dream about surgeries, others dream about threesomes. Care to guess who we’re talking about?

Meredith’s fantasies of a threesome with Derek and Finn are so much better than the reality of dating both men. When Finn shows up to have lunch with her at work, Derek lures her away with the promise of a surgery. When Derek brings Meredith home from dinner, Finn shows up with dessert. Ice cream. Strawberry. Meredith chews them out for not giving her a real, romantic date. She slams the door on both of them. But she does take the ice cream. Yeah, we love strawberry, too.

A 55-year-old triathlon junkie is having his fourth bone replacement surgery in a year. George thinks Callie is encouraging the man’s self-destructive need to compete even though his body obviously can’t take it. George talks the triathlete out of the surgery, which totally ticks off Callie. They argue and George blurts that he’s not ready for them to live together. No problem. Callie isn’t either. She’d been planning to be out of his place within a week, but she bumps that up to within an hour.

A little girl named Megan (who we instantly recognize as Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine fame) is brought in with injuries from her fourth accident in a month. Alex calls social services when he suspects abuse by her foster parents.

The young girl was never abused but she does have a genetic condition that won’t let her feel pain. Megan, however, thinks she has superpowers. To prove it, she asked another kid to hit her in the stomach with a baseball bat. Now she’s bleeding internally. They need to operate but Megan disappears. The race is on to find her.

During the search, comic book geek George educates Alex about superheroes. When Alex finally finds Megan, she tells him she thinks her foster parents will send her back if they think she’s “defective.” Alex convinces her she’s still special even though she doesn’t really have superpowers. After all, the Green Lantern is still a hero even without his power ring.

In the aftermath of his cross-country booty call, Mark purposely misses his flight back to New York so he can spend more time with Addison. The Chief runs into him as they are both checking into the hotel where Addison is staying (Callie checks in there, too). When the Chief asks Sloan why he’s in Seattle, Mark simply says, “I have a thing for ferries.” Sounds like he may be there to stay. Wouldn’t you agree?

Derek operates on a man whose frequent seizures make it dangerous for him to hold his new baby. After the surgery, the patient has trouble remembering things, including the name of his wife and child. Derek tells the man’s wife to be patient, as this will be a long recovery that her husband cannot do alone.

Cristina takes this message to heart as Burke stops doing his rehabilitation exercises. He also asks the Chief for a leave of absence. Cristina refuses to let him just lie around the apartment. She wants him to work on improving the strength and dexterity of his hand. She hacks up some raw chicken on the kitchen counter, plops down some surgical tools and tells Burke to put the dismembered chicken back together. Good thing she didn’t use eggs.

Bailey convinces the Chief to give Izzie another chance. But Izzie ends up standing outside the hospital all day. She comes home at night admitting to Meredith that she couldn’t bring herself to walk through the front door. Mer matter-of-factly says, “Maybe tomorrow.” Tonight, they’ll just enjoy a little ice cream. Strawberry.

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