S4 E06 Kung Fu Fighting

11/01/07 | TV-14 | CC

A skydiver freefalls without a chute, two brides-to-be battle for their dream wedding and The Chief plans a “gentlemen’s evening” putting McDreamy and McSteamy a little on-edge. It’s just another day at Seattle Grace that should end with Izzie and George having “hot, perfect sex.” That’s Izzie’s plan, anyway.

Meredith can’t sleep and Cristina diagnoses her with abandonment issues. She advises her to stop having breakup sex with Derek. We don’t advise that at all. Breakup sex is better than no sex. Just ask George and Izzie. But all that’s about to change because Izzie is tired of waiting. She tells George that tonight’s the night.

The Chief, who is currently crashing at Derek’s trailer pad, suggests they have a “gentlemen’s evening.” Derek isn’t quite sure what that means. In fact, don’t you think he looks a little scared? Derek convinces Mark to join them. Of course, Mark wants to know if this “boys night out” involves strippers. A valid question, indeed.

A skydiver who plunged 12,000 feet without a parachute is, remarkably, unhurt—though he does need an appendectomy. Meredith tells him he also needs to reveal his true feelings for his beautiful jump instructor. Our flyboy frantically confessed his love on the video that captured his ridiculously rapid descent to Earth. Hey, was anyone else thinking “physician heal thyself” during this particular scene?

In another case, two injured women refuse to take their hands off a wedding dress. The first one who lets go loses a contest in which the winner gets a dream wedding. But one of the brides-to-be needs surgery. So Mark convinces Callie to make George hold the dress as a proxy. A little payback for the whole Izzie fiasco.

Speaking of Izzie, her patient is an avid birdwatcher with a severe coronary blockage. The bigger problem is he’s allergic to anesthesia so they can’t operate. Cristina suggests to Dr. Erica Hahn, the new head of cardio (who Cristina thinks hates her), that they use a local epidural so they can fix his heart while the patient is awake, open chest and all.

Hahn is jazzed about Cristina’s idea but picks Izzie to assist. Good thing, too. The patient freaks out when he sees all the people watching the surgery from the gallery. Izzie settles him down by asking him to describe what kind of bird each lookie-loo would be. Our birdman pulls through and will now get the chance to one day find the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker. It’s reportedly in Arkansas. (Just in case you want to see it, too.)

Callie crosses paths with George in the corridor. He’s surprised that’s she actually talking to him amicably. Callie tells him that she’s “letting go.” Lexie, on the other hand, is thinking about “hooking up” with Alex. He tries to blow her off by telling her that the only thing she’ll ever get from him is sex. That’s seems to work for Lexie until Meredith catches her half-sis half-naked in her house.

The Chief’s plan for a ‘gentlemen’s evening” was really nothing more than him wanting to spend some time with the guys. Of course, when Dr. Hahn ends up joining them, all Richard can say is, “plans change.” Anybody up for a game of Monopoly?

Plans change for George and Izzie, too. Izzie is so incredibly exhausted after her long day that she only had the strength to shave one leg. George isn’t in top form either. His hand is severely cramped after holding on to that wedding dress for so many hours. Guess they’ll just have to wait for all that “hot, perfect sex.” We’ll wait, too.

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