S4 E07 Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction

11/08/07 | TV-14 | CC

After a long, long, long, long wait—George and Izzie finally sleep together! That’s the good news. Unfortunately, it’s also the bad news.

They say there’s nothing like great sex. And what George and Izzie do in the bedroom is nothing like great sex. George tells Meredith that Izzie’s trying too hard. Izzie then confides that George “kisses like a chicken.” Pecking, pecking, pecking! Thankfully, Meredith and McDreamy are still having great “breakup sex.” They hit a little snag during the afterglow though when the Chief walks in on them.

Mark teases Derek after finding out he’s doing errands such as picking up Richard’s dry cleaning and that they often spend their evenings enjoying dinner and a movie. Remember a few weeks ago when Derek said he had to start dating (“Haunt You Every Day”)? We didn’t know that meant the Chief!

Callie asks Bailey to take over her duties for the day so she can do surgeries. Surgeries make her happy. Scheduling does not. Bailey covers for Callie until Richard figures things out. He demotes Callie and promotes Bailey, admitting he should have given her the Chief Resident gig in the first place. Miranda musters up an “it’s about time you noticed” before breaking into tears and bear-hugging the Chief.

Lexie is upset. All her progress with Meredith went south once her half-sis caught her sleeping with Alex. Meredith even chews Lexie out by saying, “Get your own friends. Get your own life. Stop living in mine.” As much as we love the original Dr. Grey, we were all silently cheering when Lexie shot back, “Screw you.”

It’s hard for these two to avoid each other at work when a woman comes in after falling down the stairs with her baby. The baby is fine but mom has a collapsed lung. The husband/dad arrives to say they just adopted a week ago. He tells Lexie that if his wife dies he can’t raise a child on his own. They haven’t even given the baby a name yet and he just doesn’t know her at all.

With Lexie nearby, Meredith manages to convince the distraught dad that he does know his baby more than he realizes. Lexie uses this exchange to her advantage when she tells Meredith a few of her own personal, unknown eccentricities hoping it will make it a little bit harder to hate her.

When the baby’s mom dies, the dad finds the strength to step up and care for his baby girl. He tells her, “I’m gonna name you Keisha, okay? ‘Cause that’s what your mommy wanted to name you.” We should tell you that Lexie wasn’t the only one welling up during this highly-emotional moment.

The Chief and Derek eventually come to an understanding about personal responsibilities and boundaries outside the hospital. At the bar, Dr. Sloan offers to show Dr. Hahn some of his non-surgical techniques. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. At home, Callie breaks the news to Cristina that she’s been demoted.

Alex tells Meredith he broke things off with Lexie. Meredith then tells Alex to take her sister home. When they get there, Alex gets a glimpse of Lexie’s home life when her total-drunk-of-a-dad tries to take a drive. Lexie begs Alex not to tell Meredith. Will he or won’t he? We have no idea. It’s Alex. We never know what he’s gonna do!

Finally, George and Izzie are lying in bed after great sex. And by lying, we mean they aren’t telling the truth. It’s still horrible. Maybe they should break up like Mer-Der.

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