S4 E12 Where the Wild Things Are

04/24/08 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and Alex engage in an intense medical competition where only the most resourceful resident will win the day. And a couple of brothers are attacked by a bear. Oh my!

There’s a surgical contest afoot at Seattle Grace. Points are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Everyone wants to win so no one has been home in weeks. Well, George has. He moved into a run-down, roach-infested apartment. New roomie Lexie tries to brighten up the dump by stealing assorted items from the hospital. We never realized bedpans made such lovely flower vases!

Cristina is still trying to get in good with Dr. Hahn. She’s shocked to see how Callie has become such good friends with her. Mark, on the other hand, wants to go trolling for women with his old buddy Derek after hearing he hasn’t slept with Rose yet. Derek insists he’s waiting until they are more serious.

Rose may already be there. She shouts, “I love him” when Derek steps away. That’s fine for her but a bummer for Meredith, who is in earshot when Rose makes her declaration of McDreaminess. Fortunately, Mer’s been making appointments with the hospital’s staff therapist (guest star Amy Madigan). Someday she may actually get up the nerve to say something to her shrink.

A man is mauled by a bear while camping. Upon arrival to the hospital, he “spills his guts” to Cristina. Seriously, she literally catches his intestines as they fall from his belly! And we thought the cockroaches in George’s apartment were gross.

Intestine guy’s brother is also hurt, having been bitten as he tried to pet a cub. His reckless act is what sparked the attack on his brother by the cub’s mama bear. Also injured is the man’s brand new wife, who he only met recently. Meredith is suspicious of her patient’s sudden marriage and irrational impulse to touch a bear. She believes he may be a “medical mystery” which is worth 80 points in the contest.

Izzie hopes her patient (guest star Cheech Marin) is also a medical mystery. He came in with a sprained ankle but she thinks that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After $120,000 of unnecessary tests, the man is diagnosed with nothing more than a mild case of the flu. Izzie’s patient is totally ticked and, needless to say, she doesn’t win the contest.

The first bear attack victim crashes and dies. When Meredith determines the other victim has lost most of his peripheral vision, she throws her hands up in the air like she’s signaling “Touchdown!” Or in this case, “Tumor!” We thought that was pretty insensitive. When she tells her patient the tumor is inoperable, the man replies, “Good. I deserve that. I killed my brother so I don’t deserve to survive.” We thought that was pretty heartbreaking.

As bad as we feel for the guy with the tumor, our hearts go out to his wife. She felt so fortunate that such a great guy would marry a girl like her. She despondently asks Meredith if she’s a symptom of her husband’s tumor. Meredith responds, “You’re the only one who can know that for sure.” There are some wounds even doctors can’t heal.

Meredith’s medical mystery gave her enough points to win the surgical contest. Her prize—a sparkly new pager. For the next three months, the other residents must page Meredith anytime they get a surgery. As the winner, she gets first dibs.

The victorious Dr. Grey is less-than-enthused about the contest win but more-than-inspired by the research she does regarding her tumor patient. She wants to do a clinical trial because she thinks she can “save lives.” But she needs a neurosurgeon to oversee it. PAGING DR. SHEPHERD!

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