S5 E06 Life During Wartime

10/30/08 | TV-14 | CC

Look out, Cristina. That hunky Major Owen Hunt is back, but what’s this? He’s out of the Army and he’s the new chief of trauma at Seattle Grace! But the potential for romance dies quickly when Maj…ahem, we mean Dr. Hunt presents the residents with a live, anesthetized pig for each of them, and then promptly stabs each one in the chest. (We all agree it’s pretty brutal: Many, many of you chimed in about this scene on our Grey’s message boards.) What’s he got against pigs anyway? He tells the residents it’s up to them and their interns to keep those pigs alive. Izzie, as appalled as you’d expect, bails on the whole thing, not wanting to be a part of what she considers to be a cruel experiment. That doesn’t get Izzie away from Hunt, though. She has to work with him the rest of the day while he points out all of the medical advances that were made thanks to animal research, but Izzie’s not swayed at all.

The Chief is pushing Miranda to perform another big surgery, this time with a little girl and her seemingly-inoperable tumor. The girl’s mother trusts Erica Hahn and wants her involved, but when the idea comes up of removing a bunch of the girls organs and then putting them back, Erica is a total downer. The surgery moves forward and is a huge success, but Erica makes Miranda’s job as hard as possible the whole time, aggravating her.

Meanwhile Cristina’s stuck with the piglets when a real trauma comes in. Owen, who planted a big kiss on her, initially doesn’t seem to even remember her name, but he criticizes her for being too much of a perfectionist for trauma. At the end of the day, all of the pigs are stable, and Cristina, who initially refused to name them, has grown attached to the animals. Owen commends her for her hard work and then orders her to kill the pigs. Seriously, what is this guy’s deal with the pigs? Lexie convinces Cristina to do it as each of the pigs would have long, painful recoveries.

While Cristina’s watching pigs, Owen and Alex are taking care of human trauma. When Mark and Derek show up for a consult, Owen turns them away, saying he wants to teach his resident himself and tells them to back off. Of course, Owen’s methods of trauma treatment are all about speed and efficiency, and that leads him and Alex to use skin glue instead of having Mark and Derek do their thing. Derek complains to the Chief after he and Mark do their clean-up on the patient, but nothing comes of it.

Alex turns on the charm by asking Izzie if he can sleep with other women. Yeah, that’s smooth, Alex. Izzie’s upset, as you’d expect, but eventually she realizes that that was Alex’s incredibly stupid and immature way of asking if she would go steady with him. Once she figures that out, she agrees and so does he.

Callie and Erica are really hitting it off, but when it comes to the bedroom, the pleasure is all Erica’s. Callie doesn’t know what’s going on, so she tries sleeping with Mark. Mark tells her that she should be honest with Hahn, so Callie tells her about Mark. Callie comes to the realization that she may never just like women, which Erica seems to accept, for now.

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