S7 E03 Superfreak

10/07/10 | TV-14 | CC

Is that Dr. Shepherd we see walking down the hospital halls? It certainly is. But this Dr. Shepherd happens to be Dr. Amelia Shepherd. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Addison has been pushing Amelia to leave the land of Private Practice to go see her big brother, who’s been ignoring her calls forever. She even brought him a present: a guy with a brain tumor. Think there’s a gift receipt?

As for Derek, he asks that Cristina be put on his rotation even though nobody thinks she’s ready to get back in the surgical game—including Cristina! Nevertheless, Cristina assists Derek as they operate on the tumor guy Amelia so generously provided. Complications arise and Cristina can’t handle it. Amelia steps in to help save the patient. But when she starts criticizing Cristina’s abilities, Derek boots her out of the OR.

Later, Derek says he wouldn’t have picked Cristina to be a part of his life. She probably wouldn’t have picked him either. But things happen and now they are family. That means he worries about her. Derek tells Cristina she’s flaming out and that’s not okay. He helps her practice surgery on a cadaver. They work together so that Cristina can get her surgical mojo back, one incision at a time.

Derek meets up with Amelia outside the hospital. He gives her the details of what happened the night their dad died. She was five at the time. Amelia tried to lunge forward to reach her dad after the robber’s shot him. But she couldn’t move. That’s because Derek was holding her so tight. He was protecting her. He’s still trying to protect her by not telling her about his pain from getting shot. And that’s why big brother never returned little sister’s calls.

Teddy’s a bit of a wreck because she fell for Andrew the trauma counselor who is leaving town very, very soon. That wasn’t the plan. Arizona says, “You were supposed to be smart and cool and G.I. Jane.” Yeah, that didn’t happen. Teddy’s not G.I. Jane. She’s “Attachment Barbie.” Bummer.

Alex is afraid to ride the elevator. Makes sense. After all, he almost bled to death in it. The Chief tells Alex that the two of them are going to ride the elevator until he’s no longer scared, just bored. DING! Go up, going down. Going up… Well, you get the idea.

The staff treats a patient with repulsive, out of control warts. His wife threatens to leave him unless he agrees to have surgery so they can have some sort of life together. Lexie has a tough time dealing with the hideousness of the patient’s appearance. Bailey warns that, as doctors, they need to be able to handle anything a patient throws their way. Of course, that doesn’t include any scary spiders that crawl out of the patient’s branch-like hands.

The wart surgery is only moderately successful. The patient’s wife knows that it won’t be enough to stop her husband from living the life of a hermit. She loves him so much but believes it isn’t enough anymore. This has Mark thinking about his relationship with Lexie. Maybe his love isn’t enough. Maybe he needs to move on.

When the docs treat a 27-year-old virgin, everyone starts reminiscing about their first time. April is conspicuously silent during the discussion. That’s because she’s a virgin, too. And she doesn’t think her sex life (or lack of one) should be up for public discussion.

We all have things we don’t talk about, right? April points out all the issues her friends don’t like to say out loud. The fact that Mark keeps staring at Lexie because he can’t keep his eyes off the woman he loves is just one of those unspoken things April addresses during an impressive rant.

It’s nice to see April show some backbone and give Lexie a little something to think about. Of course, Lexie has even more on her mind when she catches Mark and Amelia getting hot and heavy outside his apartment. Think he's moved on?

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