S7 E13 Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)

02/03/11 | TV-14 | CC

Dr. Miranda Bailey is tweeting from the OR. Follow along as we recap this week’s episode in blocks of 140 characters or less. :)

Derek (McD) begins his clinical trial for Alzheimer’s. Alex is jazzed to be his #1 helper. Mer’s ticked she’s been dissed. :-@

Mark (McS) thinks being a dad to Callie’s baby is GR8 news. But how to tell Lexie???

Arizona (AZ) wants a baby with Callie, but isn’t sure she wants one with McS, too. AZ’s processing all info through tears. :’(

Cristina and Jackson duke it out to assist Teddy on a quadruple bypass. So, the patient gets lots of love from both top docs. FWIW

The Chief orders Bailey to stop tweeting during surgeries. Owen advises him to refer to them as Bailey’s “tweets” not “teets.” LOL

Bailey continues OR tweets even though it’s NSFW. Chief is livid, but shifts gears when a follower sends a helpful tweet. TYVM

Daniel, McD’s Alzheimer patient, thinks he’s in love with Victoria (who’s not his wife). He gets upset, but Mer settles him down. :)

Daniel’s wife wants Alex to give her hubby the test drug even if he’s not picked by random choice. Mer shares a mom story that might help. 2BCTND

Callie’s driving her OB, Dr. Lucy Fields, crazy. McS and AZ join forces to keep her calm, though McS freaks at her random 911 pages. Grrr.

Jackson tries to convince Teddy that he should be her #1 because of Cristina’s recent flameout. This sends her away in tears. :’(

Jackson feels like a jerk. Mer is summoned to comfort her BFF, but Cristina’s emotional breakdown is just an act to score the surgery. ;-)

Dr. Fields uses a hi-tech gizmo to show Callie all’s cool with her kid. Mom2B, McS and AZ see a healthy heartbeat. Party time! <:o)

Bailey bails the OR when a nearby hospital tweets they have a gizmo to save their patient. The Chief stays at SG and answers a few tweets.

Chief answers ?’s from around the world and gets a tweet from a past resident. The Miami doc thinks it’s GR8 to scrub in with him again.

Soon the Chief is spewing out his medical advice faster than Lexie can type. LOL

Derek learns Daniel must receive a placebo in the trial. The patient still wants Victoria when he wakes. Wife devastated. :’(

Alex tells the wife that Daniel may not be acting like her hubby, but he’s still someone who needs her help. That’ll work. :)

McD is impressed with Alex, who quits the trial. Mer’s been feeding him the 411 all day on what to do. :-O

Bypass patient pulls through with Cristina scoring the surgical assist on Teddy’s shift. Jackson’s ticked. Grr.

Bailey’s shocked when the Chief says it’s cool to tweet. He wants her to let the world know about a few more of his surgical tricks. LOL

Callie and AZ make nice and move back in together. Looks like McS will be sleeping alone. Y? Well...

McS tells Lexie about the baby. She takes the news well. NOT! She screams, “How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!” NG

McD tells Mer to scrub in for his next Alzheimer’s case. Y? Well, where else should MerDer be other than by each other’s side? CUL8R

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