S7 E17 This Is How We Do It

03/24/11 | TV-14 | CC

Lexie and Jackson have been gettin’ hot and heavy all over the house. April finds it tough to do laundry while her roomies are mounting each other atop the washing machine. So, if you see her wearing the same outfit two days in a row it’s NOT because she’s been spending the night with Dr. Stark. Alex thinks that’s where their odd little relationship is headed though. Speaking of Alex, he’s living in a trailer outside the hospital so he can get first dibs on surgeries to lock down that open chief resident spot.

Bailey and Jackson treat a diabetic woman who recently had a tumor removed. Her frustrated husband can only be calmed by Eli. Bailey wants her patient to be first on the list for the Chief’s new trial. The problem is they don’t have FDA approval yet. Eli asks about the risks before Bailey has a chance to get to them. This ticks her off, but a defiant Eli says he’s only looking out for his patient.

The Chief makes the call to do a cell transplant even though the FDA waiver hasn’t come through yet. All goes well and the approval comes in after the fact. Hey. At least it came in! As for Bailey and Eli, they had a bit of a bumpy day professionally. Nurse assures doctor that all will be smoothed over once they get back to his place.

The Chief wants to get Adele into Derek’s clinical trial even though she refuses to accept that she has Alzheimer’s. But Derek can’t pull a patient off the waiting list without compromising the whole study. When a woman Derek was treating pulls out of the trial, he agrees to test Adele.

Adele’s test results are one point away from qualifying for the trial. She claims this proves she’s not sick. What it really means is that the Alzheimer’s simply hasn’t progressed far enough yet. It will get worse though. That truly scares Adele as she finally accepts the reality of the situation. Derek can’t help but look at Meredith as the Chief and his wife tearfully come to terms with the challenging future ahead.

Teddy is visibly upset when Henry is admitted with heart issues. While hopped up on painkillers, her hubby in name only admits that he’s gaga for his fake wife. The Chief doesn’t want Teddy to do a tumor removal surgery on Henry, so Cristina gets the gig. Once again, Teddy gets extremely emotional as Cristina deals with a complication during the operation. There’s a big “whew” once Henry pulls through.

Alex got into April’s head, so she reluctantly gives Dr. Stark the “let’s just be friends” speech. Guys love that. Well, not Dr. Stark. He admits that he’s always wanted to be more than “just friends.” Teddy gives a similar speech to Henry. As romantic as their story sounds, she says it’s still just a story.

Callie is jazzed about having a baby shower, but Arizona’s not into things like scrapbook stations and onesie-decorating. During the baby bash, Alex pockets hors d’oeuvres, though Dr. Lucy Fields calls dibs on all pigs in a blanket. She also gets the 411 on Alex’s past from Meredith. As for Mark, he gets clued in as to the identity of the new man in Lexie’s life. When the shower ends, Callie rewards Arizona for her tolerance of all the girly-girl stuff by surprising her with weekend reservations at a Bed and Breakfast. That’ll work.

Bailey wants the Chief to delegate the job of picking a chief resident to someone else. We think she’s doing this in order to get Alex’s trailer out of her parking space. Lucy Fields catches sight of the aforementioned Dr. Karev scarfing down all those goodies he swiped from the baby shower. Dr. Fields is tired of waiting for Alex to make a move, so she makes one on him. If this trailer is a rockin’, don’t come knockin’—unless you’re Bailey and you really want that parking space back.

Cristina is jazzed then bummed when she learns Owen now has the job of picking the chief resident. He probably can’t pick her because of their relationship. Speaking of relationships, Arizona wants to take things to the next level with Callie by getting married. This conversation takes place as Callie unbuckles to grab her cell phone from the backseat. We mention this because there’s a disabled vehicle in the road ahead. Arizona sees it way too late. There’s sheer fear as Arizona slams the brakes. SCREECH! CRASH! The screen goes white.

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