S8 E23 Migration

05/10/12 | TV-14 | CC

The fifth years are partying hard as the job offers come rolling in. Cristina leaves the celebration to crawl into bed with Owen. She hugs him for a few moments then leaves. Later, Owen lets Teddy know that he slept with someone else. That's a big reason why his wife may be leaving Seattle Grace. Cristina lets Meredith know that Owen may be the reason she stays. He's her person. Cristina and Owen later make love. Afterwards, she tells him she's leaving. Surprise, surprise. Cristina is going to the Mayo Clinic.

Nick needs a last chance surgery. He'd rather live the final days of his life outside of a hospital since his best friend in the world is obviously avoiding him. Arizona finally comes by to convince him to have the operation. Things don't go well. The tumor has taken over Nick's heart. He's going to die. All Nick can do is kick himself for not coming sooner. All Arizona can do is hold him tight.

Richard lets Alex know that Johns Hopkins wants him for a pediatrics fellowship. They are creating a position just for him. Alex thinks Richard is pulling a prank. Then he gets the call. This exciting news even gets him a hug from Cristina. Hopkins is his dream gig, but Alex already made a commitment to Arizona. Richard gives him some advice on how to get more money and other goodies from Owen. Let the negotiations begin!

Owen matches the offer Johns Hopkins gave to Alex. Tough decisions had to be made to accomplish this. One of those involves April. Owen informs her that he can't hire her again. She's not the best candidate for the job anymore. This is crushing news since all of April's other job offers have been pulled. Seattle was her last chance. As for Alex, Arizona freaks out on him when she learns he's going after the Hopkins gig.

Ben is anxious to have lunch with Bailey. He even brought a crossword puzzle. Too bad Bailey is busy treating a man with a worm that's eating away his insides. The patient suffers sudden paralysis. Derek needs to operate. Bailey insists on assisting. This upsets Ben. He really wanted to do that crossword. So, Bailey does it during surgery. She's shocked to learn that it was a puzzle Ben created. One of the clues is a question. It asks, "Will you marry me?"

Yes, 21 across was Ben's way of proposing. At home, Bailey asks him to propose to her again. He's reluctant to do so because he just got a call to be a surgical intern at UCLA. Ben says everything is different now. In other relationship news, Mark responded to Lexie's declaration of love for him by thanking her for her candor. Mark's dilemma is that Julia will give him everything he wants, but he's in love with Lexie, who can't do that.

Derek wants Meredith to take the job she's been offered in Boston. That's because he as a $10 million dollar endowment offer from Harvard. They'll set him up with a full research team so that he can fulfill his dream of curing Alzheimer's. Meredith eventually let's Cristina know she's going to Boston. We see her sitting on a plane next to Derek. A short time later, we see Meredith lying on the ground. She's hurt. The plane she was on has crashed. Unfortunately, that's all we know at the moment.

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