S8 E07 Put Me In, Coach

10/27/11 | TV-14 | CC

Play ball! It's Seattle Grace Mercy West vs. Seattle Presbyterian in the most anticipated softball showdown ever! Well, maybe not ever. After all, our favorite docs are much better at clamping arteries than they are at turning double plays. Nevertheless, Owen has high hopes for his team. But judging by their first practice, the only thing that can save them from an utterly humiliating defeat is praying for rain.

The trial device that was inserted inside Henry has some defective kinks. They're working on solutions, but he'll have to resume regular checkups at the hospital. The good news is that he'll get to see Teddy more often. Henry also gets a new temp job at the hospital once Owen learns he played pro ball. He'll be the team's ringer. As for Teddy, she desperately wants to be the starting pitcher. Too bad she's terrible.

Carl is a sanitation worker who sustained multiple injuries in an auto accident. He may lose some of his hand. That's a major bummer because the guy is a fantastic woodprint artist on the side. Callie fancies herself to be bit of an artist, too. April will assist as they try to make sure Carl can keep on carving.

Carl starts crashing during his hand surgery because of a heart issue. Cristina, who had been tasked with a ho-hum angioplasty, is called in to help. She lets April to crack the chest to do an aortic dissection. Callie continues to work on the hand while the rest of the team tackles the heart. The patient stabilizes. Callie gives the guy a brand new hand that should work well for woodcarving. She really is an artist!

Teddy wonders why Cristina didn't take the wheel in surgery. Her answer is simple. April was already there. That's just what Teddy wanted to hear. Cristina's next assignment is to make a bucket list of every procedure she's ever wanted. Now that Cristina is a team player, Teddy will try to make all her surgical wishes come true.

Derek does a consult for a young girl who keeps seizing due to a non-cancerous tumor on her brain. Derek thinks he can remove the entire tumor by doing a risky procedure that's never been done before. The girl's mom wants the safer surgery that'll offer only a temporary solution. Derek doesn't want to do that. He wants to prove to the mom that his way is the best way.

Derek's test probe attempts on a mock brain do not go well. He just can't find a clean approach without causing major damage. Nothing works. Owen suggests some batting practice on the roof to clear their minds. Then Lexie suggests that Derek adjust his body during his swing. This little batting tip makes him realize that he must adjust his patient's head and not the probe for the surgery. When it comes to good ideas, this one's a home run.

It takes a couple of swings at the plate, but Derek and Lexie manage to remove the entire tumor. As you can imagine, the young girl's mom is overjoyed. In other news, Bailey is less than thrilled to learn that Meredith dug up Ellis Grey's old journals to discover why her clinical trial is failing. These two could be on their way to curing diabetes if they could just learn to work together. They will.

When Alex learns Zola's medical care is being transferred to another hospital, he navigates some red tape to fight city hall. He learns the judge on the case is being treated for cancer. Alex pops by the guy's recovery room begging him to take a look at the case. Attempting to influence a judge is federal offense, but helping some friends get back their baby takes precedent when you're Dr. Alex Karev. As short time later, Meredith and Derek learn they'll finally be getting a hearing for Zola. Only Alex knows why.

The big softball game is a big blowout. Seattle Presbyterian jumps out to a 12-0 lead. Owen calls a meeting on the mound where he makes a speech about how proud he is of his team. Not on the baseball field. No, Owen is talking about how great they are as doctors. Because when it comes to softball, they're going down in flames.

New pitcher Lexie can't keep her eyes off the runner at first, who just happens to be Mark's new girlfriend. When she catches them smooching between pitches, Lexie throws a fastball right into the lady's chest. Benches clear and the game is over. But Lexie's jealousy has Jackson wondering if it's game over for them, too.

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