S9 E21 Sleeping Monster

04/25/13 | TV-14 | CC

The CDC is conducting tests and interviews at the hospital. Dr. Miranda Bailey is at the center of their investigation. Two of her patients have died from infections and a third, Seth, is bad shape. Bailey desperately wants updates. Richard promises to take care of Seth, but he wants his colleague to steer clear from the action. Bailey is forced to go through her operating procedures. She always scrubs for exactly four minutes, thirty-six seconds. That's because she runs through Aretha Franklin's "Think" in her head twice when doing so. The song's running time is 2:18.

Bailey's patients are all turning up with staph infections. Jackson is the only one who wants to put out a press release as to why the CDC is in town. In other news, Ethan's mom shows signs of progress. A visit to her still-comatose husband is cut short when Ethan's grandmother breaks down in tears. Later, Ethan's mom collapses in the cafeteria. Jackson orders Bailey to stay away. Derek rushes her to an OR, but the patient dies before they arrive. Owen breaks the news to Ethan, who stays amazingly strong to comfort his grandmother.

Seth's family wants to move him to another hospital. That's not going to happen. His condition is far too grave. Richard assures them that the cause of the infection has been narrowed down to one doctor and that she's been isolated. Bailey is crushed as she overhears him saying this. After she leaves, Richard assures Leah that he only said that so that he could operate ASAP. Unfortunately, Seth becomes the third patient to die due to an infection.

A tug-o-war at a family reunion goes south after well-meaning Uncle Al provided a clothesline for the rope. This resulted in the loss of fingers for several family members. A budding young journalist named Frankie is one of those in need of a hand with her hand. Her nose for news has her asking Callie why the CDC is roaming the hospital halls. As for Uncle Al, his entire family blames him for what's happened to them. Jackson advises him to keep trying. That's what he's doing, both personally and professionally.

Alex learns that Jo is moving in with Jason/Chest Pecwell, who works with Cristina to save an unborn baby. Things go well with the C-section and Cristina manages to save the newborn. Alex actually gets along with Jason during the case. He assures him that he's friends with Jo because of their similar rough childhood. This bonding session backfires. Jo is ticked that Alex talked about her past. She's done with him. That's too bad, as Alex finally admits to Cristina that he loves Jo. As for Cristina, she fears she may eventually lose Owen.

Meredith wants someone in the delivery room to keep Derek from pumping her with drugs when it comes time to have her baby. Cristina isn't too keen on the gig, as she's afraid her BFF will poop on the table. That's something you just can't un-see. Nevertheless, she agrees to be there. She feels better about things once she realizes that the only thing worse than seeing someone poop on the table is being the person who knows that someone saw them poop on the table. Meredith's suffering will be far greater than Cristina's.

As her interview continues, Bailey realizes that she does, indeed, have the strain of staph infection. She now blames herself for all that's happened. The CDC rep confirms that Bailey does have staph, but she's not the cause of the deaths. The real culprit is the defective surgical gloves that facilitated the transfer of the infection. Bailey is off the hook. She can return to work as soon as she is treated and cleared. Callie gives her patient, Frankie, a copy of the hospital's press release so she can scoop all the other news outlets on this breaking news.

In random relationship action, April blames Jackson for her breakup with Matthew. After all, he's the one who took her virginity. Jackson doesn't see it that way. There were two people involved in that particular activity. The two of them sleeping together is something he's simply never going to be sorry about. As for the Matthew situation, April shocked and relieved when he asks her for a second chance. Looks like these two are getting a do-over.

Bailey should be relieved that the infections weren't her fault. She's not. She feels like she killed two patients. When Richard tells her about Seth, she's devastated to learn that the number has climbed to three. Richard tries to comfort her. Bailey is having none of it. She's upset that he didn't stand up for her like she's always done for him in the past. She feels he's all about the hospital. Bailey says, "You are not who I thought you were." Harsh.

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