Finding the Right Person: Cristina & Meredith

By Jim Donnelly | May 7th, 2014

For 10 seasons, Meredith Grey has been the yin to Dr. Yang. Cristina thrust upon her the title of being her “person.” It stuck. Their countless chats in bed about careers, relationships and more always gave them comfort. Patients come and go when you’re a world class surgeon, but true friendship endures through even the most agonizing of traumas.

Through the Years: Cristina and Meredith are two very different doctors who somehow managed to find that one special person in their lives. Let’s take a look at some of their most memorable moments beginning with compilation of a friendship that’s still going strong.

10 Years of Cristina & Meredith!|"You're my person."|Don't miss any of Cristina's final episodes!

Crashed Out: That horrific plane crash took the life of Meredith’s sister, Lexie. She feared Derek was dead, too. When all hope seems lost it’s nice to have your best friend by your side.

Cristina is Meredith's Person After the Crash|Meredith breaks down and tells Cristina that she's still her person.|After Lexie's death, Meredith and Cristina desperately look for Derek. During the search Meredith breaks down and tells Cristina that she's still her person.

Take a Shot: The season 6 finale featured a gunman going on a rampage throughout the hospital. Derek is critically wounded. It’s up to Cristina to save her guy. Meredith is asked to return the favor in this heart-pounding, gut-wrenching moment.

Cristina Desperately Tries to Save Derek|The gunman barges into the ER and demands that Cristina stop operating on Derek.|The gunman barges into the ER and demands that Cristina stop operating on Derek. He only leaves after Jackson tricks him into thinking that Derek is dead.

Who Ya Gonna Call: Your best friend, of course.

Meredith Falls Asleep Mid-Conversation|Cristina keeps Meredith in the loop with Richard's progress.|Cristina keeps Meredith in the loop with everything at the hospital, but Meredith's body is rebelling. She shuts down and falls asleep on the bathroom floor mid-sentence.

Testing a Friendship: Cristina’s heart-liver patient takes a turn for the worse. Meredith is MIA so Bailey steps in to do help stabilize her. She also takes over the liver part of the surgery. Cristina makes this call. She lets Meredith know that she has different priorities now. Cristina also believes Meredith slowed down during their race to become a great surgeon while Cristina didn’t. They are in different places now.

Cristina's a Better Surgeon Than Mer|Meredith change in priorities has affected her skills.|Cristina explained that they started on the same path, but at one point Meredith's priorities changed. That's okay, but she shouldn't pretend it hasn't affected her skills.

Person-to-Person Call: We’ve all filled out those forms where they ask you to put down someone to contact in case of an emergency. It’s not something one tends to think about until the situation arises. Take a look at the day Cristina realized her special person was Meredith Grey. We saw a bit of this moment in the compilation above. Now take a look at the full scene.

Meredith and Cristina's First "You're My Person"|These two have continued to be each other's person for 10 seasons.|These two have continued to be each other's person for 10 seasons.