4 Ways the Women of Grey's Anatomy Run the Show

By Ezinne Ukoha | Feb 3rd, 2016

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy returns THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 8|7c and the drama from the Winter Finale continues as the team at Grey Sloan Memorial is faced with another unexpected event that will require all hands on deck to save one of their own from the danger that lies ahead.

The women of Grey's never shy away from challenging situations - in fact it's what fuels their passion. They aren't just good at what they do, but they are fiercely ambitious and never let anything or anyone jeopardize their climb to the top. 

In the spirit of "women doing it for themselves," we've compiled the instances that demonstrate just how independently savvy the women of Grey's Anatomy are, and why it proves that they ultimately run the show.

1. Bailey Becomes the First Female ChiefDr. Bailey has never been one to shy away from her responsibilities, and her consistent dedication, discipline and ability to whip everybody into shape is what makes her a formidable asset for the hospital. It's also the reason why Dr. Webber was convinced that she would be the best candidate for the position of Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial. But even better is the realization that she's now the hospital's first female Chief ever! Her fellow female doctors are elated, while the men are impressed. And we're psyched to see this powerful female character work her way to the top!

Season 12, Episode 2: Walking Tall

Sneak Peek: Bailey's the First Female Chief|Preview Episode 2: Dr. Bailey is ready to take charge.|While waiting for Meredith to bring Dr. Bailey, the newly-appointed Chief of Surgery, to the surprise breakfast in her honor, Arizona announces that Bailey is the first female Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Then Amelia points out that (almost) all the departments heads are women too! When Bailey finally arrives, she's so focused on her new position she doesn't even notice the party. Watch this preview from the Grey's Anatomy Season 12 episode, "Walking Tall," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


2. Meredith Gets Promoted: Viewers have been following Meredith Grey's journey for twelve seasons, and her road to Chief of General Surgery hasn't been easy. She's had to carry the weight of her mother's remarkable legacy on her shoulders, and she's had to prove her ability to rise to the occasion even when circumstances threaten to derail her. She's a very talented surgeon with the level of confidence and pride that allows her to be brutally honest when the situation calls for it. She even has the courage to stand up to Bailey, which nobody ever wants to do. Maybe that's why Bailey decided to promote Meredith to Chief of General Surgery. Instead of being threatened by Meredith's abilities, she shows her admiration and rewards Mer with a position that will advance her career. Bailey's also being a little selfish... she knows in her new role as Chief of Surgery she'll need a strong second-in-command to rely on.

Season 12, Episode 2: Walking Tall


3. Penny Fights For Her Right: Penny doesn't just have to contend with the pressure that comes with being a new resident, but also the dark shadow that follows her around due to the unfortunate role she played in Derek's death. Meredith is understandably cold and abrupt when dealing with Penny, and her actions make it clear that she can barely tolerate her new resident. Callie tries to defend Penny when she notices that Meredith is benching her, but Penny refuses to let someone else fight her battles. She knows the only way to get what she wants is to fight for it. So, she stands up to Meredith and it pays off!

Season 12, Episode 7: Something Against You

4. Amelia and Maggie Tackle Racism: The issue of racism is never an easy one to discuss – especially with co-workers, but Amelia and Maggie are both able to navigate those waters like the mature women they are. Amelia is worried that she may have unintentionally offended Edwards in a way that could make her seem racist and she seeks Maggie's advice. Amelia ends up learning a valuable lesson. It's definitely refreshing to watch women who work together take the time to hash out their issues so they can get back to the important business of saving lives.

Season 12, Episode 7: Something Against You


There will be plenty more to dive into and dissect when Grey's Anatomy returns to TGIT, FEBRUARY 11 at 8|7c on ABC.

You can also catch up before the premiere with free full episodes, or read the Season 12 Winter Finale recap!