Episode 1103 Music: "Got To Be Real"

By Music Lounge | Oct 10th, 2014

 Grey's Anatomy clip featuring 'Waiting Game" by Banks
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Episode #1103: "Got to Be Real"  
Original Air-Date: 10/9/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Whoa Is Me Grieves Alex is in the shower, naked, while Meredith is in the bathroom venting her feelings. Alex tells her to get out. Jo stands outside the bathroom, not happy with Meredith. Steph arrives. Jo is ranting. Callie walks with Owen through the corridors of the veteran's hospital.
Lyin King Jhene Aiko Jax tells Callie to not argue with the board members in the hallway. He is frustrated. Maggie closes her incision. Bailey, Richard and Steph continue in the abdomen with success. Richard is running through the corridor trying to catch Maggie. Alex is logging into the hospital's records.
You Should Know Where I'm Coming From Banks Owen enters as Callie is scrubbing. Owen apologizes to Callie. He tells her he feels an empty void. Amelia and Derek argue about who is the leader of their department.
Waiting Game Banks Meredith and Richard see Maggie while walking towards the hospital. Meredith heads in and Richard stops to talk with Maggie. Meredith joins Derek on the way to the conference room. Meredith and Derek enter the conference room to find Jax, Callie and Arizona. Baily gives a presentation. Bailey and Alex sit outside the conference room waiting for the board's decision.