Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11 Sneak Peeks: Jackson Serves April with Divorce Papers

By Micheline Goldstein | Feb 25th, 2016

Coming up on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11, "Unbreak My Heart," airing THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25, 8|7c, the evolution of April and Jackson's relationship is revealed through a series of flashbacks dating back to when they first met. Simultaneously, we follow the years-long progress of one of Jackson's patients.

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In the sneak peek below, April confronts Jackson after she gets served with divorce papers in the ER, in front of everyone. She's also angry that he's ready to give up on their marriage after just four weeks of marriage counseling. Is there a chance for these two to reconcile? Watch the Episode 11 sneak peek now.

SNEAK PEEK: Jackson Serves April with Divorce Papers


In another sneak peek, Jackson brings up divorce yet again, but April doesn't want to discuss it. Jackson points out she left him to go to Jordan, but April defends her decison, saying she was dying after their baby Samuel died. She left him because she needed to go, and because Jackson was doing fine. But Jackson reveals he wasn't actually okay, "I wasn't coping, I was covering!" he tells her angrily. Watch the Episode 11 sneak peek now.

SNEAK PEEK: April and Jackson Need to Talk 

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