Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 13 Sneak Peeks: The Dream Team Meets Its Match

By Micheline Goldstein | Mar 8th, 2016

Coming up on Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 13, "All Eyez On Me," airing THURSDAY MARCH 10, 8|7c, Meredith, Bailey, Jackson, Callie, and Jo travel to a military hospital to perform an extraordinary, and extremely risky, surgery on a veteran with an advanced tumor. Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloan Memorial, Andrew is tired of being Maggie's (worst-kept) secret, Ben makes an impulsive surgical decision, and a team of cheerleaders wreaks havoc in the ER.

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In the Grey's Anatomy sneak peek below from "All Eyez On Me," the team from Grey Sloan Memorial is confronted by the veteran's military surgeon, Major Eric Thorpe (guest star Scott Elrod), who feels very strongly that he does not want his patient being subjected to a risky and experimental operation. He mockingly calls them "the Dream Team," and when he won't listen to Bailey's attempts to be diplomatic, Callie steps up and passionately defends the team and their planned surgery: "You called us the Dream Team, and that's exactly what we are. We are miracle workers. Now, the sooner you recognize that, the sooner we can get to the business of saving a life." Watch the Episode 13 sneak peek now! 

SNEAK PEEK: Don't Mess the Dream Team

Sneak Peek: The Dream Team|Preview Episode 13: They're the best at what they do!|Bailey, Callie, Meredith, Jackson, and Jo head to a military hospital to perform an experimental procedure on a veteran. When they arrive, they face opposition from the patient's surgeon, Major Thorpe. Callie informs him that they're "the Dream Team" because they're miracle workers and the best at what they do. Watch this sneak peek from Season 12, Episode 13, "All Eyez On Me" and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


In the second sneak peek below, Jo calls just-divorced Jackson out for flirting back when a staff member at the military hospital (guest star Sarah Jane Morris as Captain Emily Vaughn) chats him up before the surgery. Watch the sneak peek below:

SNEAK PEEK: Jo Teases Jackson for Being a Flirt

Sneak Peek: Jo Teases Jackson for Flirting|Preview Episode 13: Jackson flirts with a military doctor.|Jackson and Jo are part of the team visiting a military hospital to operate on an injured vet. While they're setting up in the operating room, one of the military doctors, Emily Vaughn (guest star Sarah Jane Morris), flirts with the just-divorced Jackson. Jo teases Jackson about flirting back, despite his denials. "You don't have to say anything. All of this is a flirt," she says, gesturing to him. Watch this sneak peek from Season 12, Episode 13, "All Eyez On Me" and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


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