VOTE! Who Is Your On-Call Room Hook-Up Buddy?

By Jim Donnelly | Oct 11th, 2016

The on-call rooms at Grey-Sloan are supposed to be a place where the docs go to unwind for a bit during long shifts. It's a place to grab some shut-eye or to grab a buddy to talk. Actually, whenever there's more than one doc in an on-call room, not a lot of talking takes place. So who would your on-call room hook-up buddy be if you were one of the top docs on Grey's Anatomy? There are no wrong answers for this one, but we thought watching some of the highlights of the season so far may help you narrow down the list. Probably not, but watch anyway - and catch free episodes of Grey's Anatomy online anytime right here!

Mer Wants Riggs to Turn Off the Charm:

Alex Wants Jo Back:

April and Alex Really Miss Surgery:

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