S1 E06 Freakin' Whack-a-Mole

10/30/14 | TV-14 | CC

Wes storms out of Annalise’s place when he realizes she can’t stop lying. He thinks she’s sick. When Wes skips class, Annalise shows up at his apartment. She wants to know what he wants. That’s easy. He wants her to find Rebecca or he’ll tell the police everything he knows. Annalise later orders Frank to do something for her.

21 years ago, when Annalise was a law student, a man named David Allen was put on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Trisha Stanley. He was convicted on nothing more than circumstantial evidence. An emergency hearing for an appeal has been granted. The team has 72 hours to save this man whose death penalty punishment is less than two weeks away. The judge on the case was named Millstone, as in Asher Millstone’s father.

Bonnie and Asher question the eyewitness, who says she saw David with a gun. Wes and Laurel pay a visit to David Allen’s original attorney, who says his client had an alibi that relied on a druggie’s testimony. Connor and Michaela question the original prosecutor, who claims he bailed on the case mid-trial because he was burnt out. Actually, it was because there was perjured evidence. Judge Millstone didn’t do anything about this. Asher is disappointed to learn that his dad just became the team’s new target.

Asher snoops around his father’s home office. He finds something curious in his honorable daddy’s journals. The day Judge Millstone met with the prosecutor on the David Allen case is missing. Asher confronts his father about this. An angry Judge Millstone orders him out of his house. Asher makes some demands on Annalise before revealing what he knows. For one, his father’s name is kept out of the appeal. Secondly, he wants the trophy. Deal!

A state senator, Art Trucco, needed David Allen to go down for murder. The team is tasked with finding out why. They work hard and drink lots of coffee. During the intense workdays, Bonnie advises Laurel to stop leading Frank on. So she does. As for Trucco, the murder victim was leading the charge against his effort to buy lots of property back in the day. After almost breaking his neck during an unsuccessful physical assault on Connor, Asher realizes the key witness lives in a building owned by Senator Trucco.

Annalise questions the eyewitness about how she was on the verge of eviction just before she testified. This strategy is enough to get Senator Trucco on the stand. Annalise rips into him to the point where the State Supreme Court must shut her down. Even though the court was not pleased by the way Annalise presented her case, they did listen to what she was saying. An investigation into Trucco’s actions is ordered. Additionally, David Allen’s conviction is vacated. He is a free man.

Annalise lets Wes know that the police found new evidence that Griffin O’Reilly killed Lila because she was seeing another man. It’s the cell phone. Annalise had Frank make sure any evidence of where the photo came from was cleared. An anonymous tip led the police to find the cell phone in O’Reilly’s car. Annalise has fulfilled Wes’s wishes. She’s done whatever it takes to bring home Rebecca, who tells Wes that no one has ever believed in her like this before.

Annalise has the wallpaper in her bedroom replaced. It’s the last thing that could link Sam to the photo on the phone unless, of course, someone else knows what his penis looks like. Annalise admits that she’s doing this for Sam because she needs him. She loves him. Sam loves her, too. Their mini-love-fest is interrupted by a knock on the front door. It’s Rebecca. She’s back. Wes is by her side. A discussion on next steps for her case is forthcoming. In other news, surveillance footage shows Nate that Frank broke into Griffin O’Reilly’s car.

In a flash forward, we see Asher realizing that the trophy is missing from his place. He beelines over to Annalise’s house. Michaela sends him a text to trick him into going away. A short time later, the group literally almost runs into Asher in the street while transporting Sam’s dead body. He doesn’t notice them as he was on the phone at the time. The person on the other end of the line is Bonnie. She ends up in bed with Asher. While basking in the afterglow, Bonnie gets a call from a panicked Annalise, who believes something terrible has happened to Sam.

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