S1 E07 He Deserved to Die

11/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

In a flash forward, Wes carries a blood-splattered Rebecca up the stairs. He cleans her off in the bathroom. He wraps up the trophy. Rebecca thanks him. They share a kiss. Their relationship was not this intimate two weeks earlier when Wes tried to get close to her in his apartment. Rebecca fled into the hallway but not before encouraging him to keep trying with her.

Two weeks earlier, a news report claims that Rebecca had sex with Griffin O’Reilly the night of the disappearance. It’s becoming the story of a love triangle gone wrong. After Annalise gets her request for a gag order granted, Griffin’s attorney introduces photographic evidence to help his client. He wants to exhume Lila Stangard’s body to prove Rebecca is the only killer.

After a rough day in court, Annalise asks Sam to stop massaging her neck. She needs more time to forgive him. As for the case, the team is tasked with finding a way to stop Lila’s body from being exhumed. They also need an alternate explanation for why there are marks dug into the victim’s neck in order to cast doubt that they are Rebecca’s fingernails.

A.D.A. Wendy Parks claims she doesn’t want Lila’s body dug up either. She gives Annalise ammunition on how to battle the request. During the hearing, one expert is discredited and another is called in to help Rebecca’s defense. Next up strategy-wise is finding a way to get Lila’s parents to speak out against exhumation.

Sam says Lila’s parents didn’t trust Griffin. They were worried he had ulterior motives with their daughter. Armed with this info, Frank and Laurel are sent to persuade the parents to block the exhumation. They succeed. Lila’s mother testifies that she wants her daughter to rest in peace.

A.D.A. Parks pulls a fast one in court by saying she had her own expert suggest that the markings on Lila’s neck were from a female’s fingernails. Annalise asks Nate to help her understand why Parks flipped on her. Connor, Wes and Asher take their own approach at a bar to learn that the D.A.’s office worked out a deal with Griffin’s attorney. Annalise has an idea as to how to work this collusion-fest to their advantage.

Even though a gag order is in play, Rebecca leaks the story that she was raped by Griffin. This leads to all plea deals being ditched and the judge ordering Lila’s body to be exhumed. A second autopsy is performed. Wes is ticked at Rebecca for what she did. They get into an argument back at his place. After the yelling is done, they end up making love. Afterwards, Wes opens up about his personal life.

In a flash forward, Rebecca says she had to kill Sam before he killed her. Wes orders to not do anything until he returns to the hotel room. Rebecca doesn’t take this advice. She dials 911, but quickly says she’s making a crank call and hangs up. Moments later, Wes calls saying he got the others onboard with helping her.

In random relationship news, Connor runs into one of his recent one-night-stands. His name is Julian, not that Connor remembers this right away. They make time for a quickie in the men’s room. It’s intense, but only truly satisfying for old what’s his name. Later, Connor is warned to stay away from Oliver by his new boyfriend.

Michaela thinks she has a job interview at a big law firm. In reality, she’s been called in to sign a prenuptial agreement. Laurel is offered a job working for her boyfriend, Kan. Frank doesn’t want her to quit at Annalise’s because of him. He’ll get over her. Actually, that’s not what Laurel wants. They two of them proceed to kiss and climb all over each other.

Nate confronts Rebecca in convenience store. He knows she didn’t kill Lila Stangard. He wants her to help him catch who did. Elsewhere, Sam caresses Annalise’s face in bed. She reciprocates until there’s a knock on the door. It’s Bonnie. She says the marks on Lila’s neck were ant bites, not fingernail marks. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this new examination reveals that Lila Stangard was six weeks pregnant when she died. Annalise turns to Sam with an icy stare. No more face-caressing tonight.

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