S1 E08 He Has a Wife

11/13/14 | TV-14 | CC

Six months before the second autopsy was done on Lila Stangard, the cocaine-snorting murder victim tells Rebecca that she met a new guy. She calls him Mr. Darcy because he has a wife. Jumping forward, Annalise asks Sam if he knew Lila was pregnant. He promises he didn’t. He doesn’t even know if it’s his.

Annalise asks Wes to keep the pregnancy news from Rebecca. That doesn’t happen. Wes blabs to Rebecca, who then blabs to Nate. A DNA test would help make the murder case go away. This proves to be a tough project, but maybe there’s something on Lila’s phone they can use. Wes is furious when he catches Rebecca and Nate conspiring. She thinks Annalise is setting them up.

Jumping back again to July, Lila tells Rebecca she lost her virginity. Moments later, she gets the infamous penis text on her phone. A short time after that, Lila is crushed. She tells Rebecca that Mr. Darcy wants to end things with her. She believes that bad things happen when you have sex.

Gretchen Thomas is a successful real estate agent, wife and mom. She takes prescription sleeping pills that sometimes cause her to perform actions while completely unconscious. She was caught on video dragging her dead nanny’s bloody body through her home. She even tried to clean her off. Gretchen doesn’t want to take the stand. If a jury thinks she’s guilty of killing someone she loved, then she’ll agree.

Gretchen’s son, Cody, testifies that it was the pills that caused his mother to kill. During a tough cross-examination, the teen says he was having an affair with the nanny. He loved her. Annalise is furious at Connor for not prepping her. She’s ticked at Bonnie, too. She chastises her in front of everyone.

Connor pays a visit to Cody. He learns the kid got a sexually transmitted disease from the nanny. Michaela knows there is a specific antibiotic for what he had. She believes this info is the key to winning the case. Gretchen’s husband was also having an affair with the nanny. He killed her in a jealous rage. Annalise rests her case. She tells her furious client that, one day, she’ll thank her for what she did.

Bonnie tries to chat with Sam about the night Lila was killed. They are interrupted by Annalise, who privately tells Sam that this is what happens when you’re with somebody else’s husband. Sam wants her to know that he’s the one who broke them.

Bonnie finally gets to have her talk with Sam. She met Lila the night she was killed. She shooed the distraught girl away before she could get to Annalise. She knows Sam knew about the pregnancy. The two of them agree to not devastate Annalise with this news. Then they share a kiss.

A teary-eyed Bonnie tells Annalise that Sam kissed her in order to get her to do what he wanted. She says he’s not a good man. Annalise takes a moment to let this sink in. Then she fires Bonnie on the spot. In other relationship news, Laurel and Frank get hot and heavy in the backseat of his car. Later, they hop all over each other back at his place where they are interrupted by Sasha, Frank’s girlfriend. Surprise!

Michaela’s future mother-in-law pops by the office. The subject of the prenuptial agreement is the main topic of conversation. It doesn’t go well. Later, Michaela shows up at Asher’s place. She swipes the trophy when he’s not looking.

Wes pounds on Rebecca’s door. The music is cranked, but that doesn’t mean anyone is inside. Connor and an obviously-upset Laurel watch as Wes retreats back to his place. The cell phone is gone. Elsewhere, Annalise tells Sam that she’s asking for DNA samples from all the men in Lila’s life, including her teachers. She’s going to get the truth one way or another.

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