S1 E09 Winter Finale: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

11/20/14 | TV-14 | CC

Annalise is about to call 911 until the phone is ripped from her hands. Sam isn’t going anywhere. A shouting match ensues. Annalise admits that she’s been with another man. She lays out the dirty details of her affair. Sam loses it. He clutches his wife’s neck. Annalise taunts him to the point where he’s close to choking her. Sam gathers himself together. Instead of killing his wife, he belittles her with a cold, crass breakdown of their relationship. Annalise lets her hubby know that at least he’s finally being honest just before speeding off. Rebecca watches her leave from outside the house.

Michaela shows up at Annalise’s place to turn in the trophy. Rebecca orders her to call Wes as she locks herself in the bedroom. She plops a flash drive into Sam’s laptop. Michaela freaks from downstairs as Sam breaks down the door. Wes, Connor and Laurel arrive. Rebecca exits the bedroom’s bathroom once she downloads what she needs from the laptop. Sam tackles her. Everyone gets involved in a mad scramble for the flash drive. A chase into the hallway has Sam pursuing a flash drive-holding Laurel. Michaela pushes him away to protect her. Sam goes flying over the second floor railing. SPLAT! A lifeless Sam ends up on the first floor below.

As Wes declares that Sam is dead because of everyone’s actions, a thud and muffled sounds are heard. Sam is alive and choking the life out of Rebecca. Panic ensues. THWACK! Sam is clubbed from behind with a heavy object. Blood splatters over a still-gasping Rebecca. This time, Sam drops dead for good. The murder weapon that kills him is the coveted trophy that his wife’s students have been longing to possess. The one who holds it now is a formerly wait-listed puppy named Wes Gibbins.

Connor vomits in the kitchen sink as Wes calmly cleans up Rebecca in a bathroom. Everyone keeps quiet when they hear Asher pounding on the front door. There’s relief when he leaves. Asher heads off to the bonfire. At a hotel room, Wes tries to dissuade Rebecca from taking the fall for him. He heads back to Annalise’s place to grab the trophy. He apologizes to a dead Sam. A short time later, Wes meets up with the others in the woods to figure out their next move. He dupes the others into going back for the body by lying about the outcome of a coin flip.

Feeling the effects of a difficult time, Annalise turns to Nate, who wants her to stay with him, to be with him. A drunk Bonnie turns to a guy she meets at a bar before ultimately turning to a romantically inept Asher. She makes it work though. In other news, Frank calls Laurel during a time when she’s busy burying a body in the woods with her classmates as, one of whom, Michaela, loses her engagement ring. This leads to disposing the body in a dumpster as opposed to by fire. Finally, Annalise makes a call upon returning home after her interlude with Nate. It’s a voicemail message to Sam asking for his forgiveness. She wants him to come home.

Wes smashes Rebecca’s flash drive to get rid of the evidence that they were at Annalise’s place. Elsewhere, Oliver calms an unravelling Connor. He wants him to tell him everything. That doesn’t happen. Connor instead claims to have a drug problem. Laurel brings the trophy to Frank’s place. She cons him into returning it without anyone knowing. As for Asher and Bonnie, their time together ends abruptly when a worried Annalise calls fearing that something terrible has happened. As for Michaela, she apologizes to her future mother-in-law by handing over a signed pre-nup.

Everyone is summoned to Annalise’s place. Frank claims that he found the trophy on the front porch. It’s up for grabs now. Bonnie declares that something has happened. There’s a knock on the front door. Annalise knows it’s the police. She believes Sam may have fled. She needs everyone’s help in being as honest with the cops as possible when they start asking questions about her missing husband.

Wes assures Annalise that they will all do as she asks. We jump back to see why. When Wes went back for the trophy, he said he was sorry for what he’d done. A voice said, “Don’t be.” It came from Annalise. She knows Sam is dead. Now she’s invested in Wes. Do the two of them secretly initiate a plan on how to get away with murder?

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