S1 E10 Hello Raskolnikov

01/29/15 | TV-14 | CC

Annalise tells the police that she only recently discovered that her husband had an affair with Lila Stangard. She claims she didn’t recognize the picture of Sam’s penis on the dead girl’s phone. She says she found his body after calming herself at a friend’s place. As she speaks to the police, Annalise recalls in her head how she gave Wes instructions on how to dispose of the body and destroy evidence. Sam deserved to die for killing that girl. Annalise declares that she got Wes into this. It’s her job to get him out.

Nate is called into the police station for questioning, as Annalise gave him up as her alibi. The Keating 5 are also to be questioned. Annalise is concerned that they are all wearing their paranoia on their sleeves. She denies Wes’s request to let them in on what’s truly happening. She caresses his cheek. She needs him to be strong to help the others. Wes tells his story to the cops. He admits that he’s dating Rebecca. Technically, she’s Annalise’s client, so it’s not against the law.

Rebecca is surprised when Annalise apologizes for not going to the police sooner with what she knew about Sam. As for her case, Annalise employs a new strategy. In order to prove Rebecca didn’t kill Lila, they need to prove that her dead, or “missing,” hubby did. The team springs into action. An attempt to get back Sam’s laptop from the D.A.’s office doesn’t pan out. A new plan to get info from a women’s clinic that Lila visited to prove Sam could have a motive for murder. This doesn’t pan out either.

Nate questions Annalise about how she was conveniently with him around the time Sam went missing. He buys her declaration that her husband is the monster here, not her. He knows she’s scared. Everyone is. Laurel questions Frank as to if he believes Annalise’s story. Connor tries to convince Michaela that they should go to the police. That’s not going to happen. Instead, Michaela finds a loophole to get access to the women’s clinic. This occurs as a relieved Annalise learns that Sam was the father of Lila’s baby. Frank wants to know what’s going on.

Asher has no choice but to tell the police he was with Bonnie, who assures him that whatever they had is over. Their conversation is cut short when video evidence from the women’s clinic surfaces. This leads to a worker testifying that Lila didn’t want an abortion. Sam was angered by this. Annalise uses this information to convince the judge to get Sam’s laptop away from the D.A. This leads to a tracking of Sam’s route the night Lila died. He was at the sorority house during the timeframe of the murder. This evidence is compelling enough to get all charges against Rebecca dropped.

The questioning of the Keating 5 continues with Michaela being asked to explain why Connor’s car was parked at Annalise’s place the night of the bonfire. This has her reconsidering the notion of coming clean to the police. Connor knows they need Laurel, who is confused when Frank confronts her about being a liar. The question about telling the police the truth is still out there. Laurel is now onboard, or so she says. She got the truth out of Wes, who breaks down in front of Annalise, who grants his wish to talk to the others personally. A promise is made. If they all let Annalise help them, they will all get away with what they’ve done.

Annalise introduces a new case. Colorfully fake names are used as the details are divulged. It involves a killing by one individual with three others assisting in the cover-up. It all sounds eerily familiar to four of the Keating 5. After the test, Wes, Laurel and Michaela do their best to move forward in their various relationships. As for Connor, he’s quite convincing as he plays up Annalise as the victim in his interview with the police. There’s a problem though. Sam’s sister, Hannah (guest star Marcia Gay Harden), has come to town. She tells the police that whatever Annalise has said to them should be questioned, as she knows her brother is not a murderer.

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