S1 E12 She's a Murderer

02/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

As members of the Keating 5 digest the shocking news reports that are airing, the police show up at Annalise’s place to break the news that Sam’s remains have been found. A distraught Hannah demands that they arrest her sister-in-law for the murder of her brother. She tells the detective that Annalise has had a violent past. That’s not enough for a search warrant. However, Hannah’s testimony that Annalise threatened Sam’s life is.

Annalise isn’t talking to the police. She advises Nate to follow her lead as she makes her way to class. The lesson of the moment is all about the Fifth Amendment. Annalise declares that whatever you say to the police can be misconstrued to support the prosecution on any given case. So when in doubt, shut your mouth.

Annalise advises mob man Leo Lombardo to not drop her as an attorney regarding an upcoming drug smuggling case involving his nephew, Paul. All indications are that the feds were tipped off about an incoming shipment of heroin. That means there’s a rat in the Lombardo crime family. Annalise opts to not use the criminal informant angle after a veiled threat is made against her own well-being by the prosecution.

The team tracks down the worker who allegedly found a weight discrepancy in a shipment. The guy testifies that he was instructed to single-out the container for inspection. He was promised a green card by the prosecutor. This sends Annalise off on a rant about the violation fourth amendment rights, entrapment and a few other things. There are mob-friendly cheers in the courtroom after her impressive diatribe.

Connor questions Annalise about her promise to protect them. He wants to trust her, but it’s hard. Annalise says the reason that she gave him the trophy the first day is because he’s like her. They are both worriers. It’s okay if he doesn’t trust her, but sticking with her is his best chance of staying out of prison. In other news, Laurel and Frank continue to navigate their complicated relationship.

Wes learns that the guy who used to live in his apartment, Rudy Walters, was arrested after Rebecca called the cops on him. It’s because he was weird and he was banging on the walls. Rebecca believes Wes is freaking out. She offers to take full blame for Sam’s death. Wes will never let her do that.

Bonnie is ordered to quash the search warrant order. That doesn’t happen. Hannah and Annalise exchange verbal un-pleasantries as the police invade the house. A thorough search is conducted. Nothing is found. This satisfies the police, but not Bonnie, who wonders about the carpet fibers found on Sam’s body. She also wonders why the justice scales on the trophy, which were found by the police, went missing around the time Sam disappeared. She figures everything out and warns Annalise to not let her students bring her down.

After Annalise is advised by Bonnie to talk to the police, she makes a call asking to see someone right away. She then submits to an interview after evidence is found in the woods. It’s a ring. Michaela is freaking out. Her panic is unwarranted, as it wasn’t her ring. It was a ring Annalise had given to Sam. Thanks to some forensic foul play by Frank, a fingerprint was found on it.

The police show up at the apartment of their new prime suspect. A confused Nate is placed under arrest for the murder of Sam Keating. Later, Annalise makes another call saying she needs the person on the other end of the line. This time she uses a name. Annalise makes this call to her mother.

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