S1 E13 Mama's Here Now

02/19/15 | TV-14 | CC

Nate is arrested, processed and sent to a prison cell. Rebecca is summoned to talk to the police. Wes needs to handle it with her. Rebecca pretty much throws him under the bus in her interview. In other news, Michaela, posing as a lady named Tammy, cozies up to the prosecutor on the case to get inside scoop on the case. She finds out what Rebecca said about Nate. Wes promises to clear things up. He heads over to the police station to learn that Rudy Walters was shipped to a psychiatric hospital after his OD and arrest.

Annalise’s mama, Ophelia Harkness (guest star Cicely Tyson), blows into the Keating home like a cyclone. She gives a full recap of what’s been going on in her daughter’s life these past few months. When her motivational attempt to get Annalise out of bed falls flat, Ophelia gives her a little TLC. This doesn’t last long. Ophelia has strong opinions regarding their roots and Annalise’s desire to leave them behind.

Jolene Samuels is a nurse who is accused of raping a patient. With Annalise not at the top of her game, Bonnie takes the lead on a new case. Her opening statement doesn’t instill a lot of confidence for the client. Bonnie bounces back by effectively discrediting an eyewitness. The next witness, however, does a more damage. A tech expert reveals that Jolene went onto a website detailing her sexual encounter with the plaintiff. Bonnie needs to prove that the sex was consensual.

Oliver is a little upset that Connor has never introduced him to Annalise or any of his friends. He feels like he works with them thanks to all the hacking he does for their cases. His latest discovery is that the man accusing Jolene of rape is gay. Bonnie is shut down when she tries to use this to their advantage. She’s in over her head, but she can’t ask Annalise for help.

Asher learns that the plaintiff in the case visited the hospital’s legal staff after the alleged rape. Bonnie realizes why. The plaintiff and the hospital’s lead attorney are lovers. The two of them set up a joint bank account to cash in on their scam. All charges against Jolene are dropped. Bonnie celebrates by hooking up with Asher in the parking garage. Neither of them realizes that Frank is a few cars away watching them through his rearview mirror.

While everyone else is in court, Annalise and Ophelia have another verbal sparring session. Things deteriorate at a rapid clip. Annalise learns that her mother knew what her uncle had done to her. Ophelia reveals that she was also violated. That’s what men do. They take things. Annalise doesn’t buy her mother’s way of addressing this harsh reality. She orders her to go home.

Ophelia later recalls the time she first realized what Annalise’s uncle had done to her. A short time after that, she took advantage of a night when the guy passed out drunk. She shuffled Annalise and her brothers and sisters away. A short time later, the house that Ophelia loved, burned down to the ground. Annalise’s despicable uncle was inside when it did. Ophelia lets her daughter know that sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Annalise takes hold of her mother’s arm and pulls her close.

Annalise shoos away Michaela from Nate’s court hearing. She’ll take care of this. She visits with Nate in a holding room. There’s a camera recording every word they say to each other. Annalise speaks carefully and deliberately. Her words don’t reflect the true nature of her visit. She slips Nate a note instructing him to fire his lawyer and call a phone number.

As Connor finally introduces Oliver to his friends, Wes tells Laurel that Rudy Walters may have had something to do with Lila Stangard’s murder. He wonders if he was wrong about Rebecca the whole time. Wes and Laurel dig deeper. They find a lost-looking Rudy in his hospital room. There are scratched above his bed like the ones in Wes’s apartment.

When Rudy sees a photo of Rebecca, he repeatedly utters the word “wet.” Wes realizes that he’s referring to the water tower where Lila’s body was found. He has no idea, however, that Rebecca is tracking his cell phone. She knows exactly where he is.

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