S1 E14 The Night Lila Died

02/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

Wes suspects that Rebecca may have killed Lila. Laurel convinces him to act as if nothing is wrong. He does so by making love to her in the apartment that once belonged to Rudy Walters. We jump back five months earlier. Rudy hears Rebecca and Lila arguing, with the latter spewing out venomous words before storming off.

Later, Rebecca seduces Griffin at his frat house while luring Lila there. An explosive confrontation takes place. Lila storms off again. In the present day, Wes realizes Rebecca went to Lila’s sorority after the fight. He has no idea that, at this moment, she’s heading in to chat with the campus police.

Nate is denied bail. Annalise is ticked that he never fired his lawyer. She asks Frank to call in a favor. A short time later, Nate is beaten up in his cell. Bonnie realizes Annalise is behind this attempt to get him out of prison. She breaks the news that it backfired.

Annalise has Frank and Bonnie send an unsuspecting Asher in to buddy up to the judge on Nate’s case. They snap pictures of the two of them acting chummy together. This leads to a conflict of interest charge. The judge recuses herself from the case. Nate is released from prison. Annalise begs him to call the number she provided. It’s his only chance of winning his case.

Father Andrew Crawford is accused of murder. He’s already entered a guilty plea. Now he wants to change his mind after seeing a coworker, Agnes, walk into the courtroom. These two have never had inappropriate relations, but there’s obvious desire there. Annalise convinces the judge to grant his request to fight the murder charge by placing blame on herself. The team is sent out to gather evidence to get their client acquitted.

A student who spent a lot of time with Father Andrew killed himself. There were suspicions of inappropriate actions. This much is true. However, Father Andrew wasn’t behind his abuse. It was his colleague, Father Bernard. That’s why Father Andrew killed him. He knew this priest would find another victim to prey upon. So he murdered him without remorse.

Annalise tries to convince Father Andrew to break his vow to keep Father Bernard’s confession confidential. It’s a no-go. Annalise convinces Agnes to testify that she was being intimate with Father Andrew at the time of the murder. This lie is more than the defendant can take. Father Andrew declares that he’d like to change his plea again. He’s guilty of murder. He tells Agnes that he doesn’t love her and sarcastically apologizes to Annalise for not being a better client.

Connor is convinced by Oliver to get STD-tested. It’s an uncomfortable process as he must admit to all the men he’s had sex with, some in a careless manner. After some tense waiting, Connor gets the news that he’s in the clear. In other relationship news, Frank lets Bonnie and Asher know that he may or may not tell Annalise about their secret relationship.

Wes continues to try to piece together Rebecca’s actions the night Lila died. Jumping back five months, we see that she did, indeed, sneak into the sorority. There’s an eyewitness who saw her there. Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor confront Rebecca. They want the truth. Did she or did she not kill Lila?

Wes orders her to answer the question. Instead, Rebecca threatens to track down the campus cop who saw them the night they were transporting Sam’s dead body in the rug. A short time later, Annalise is called over to the apartment. She wants to know what’s going on. None of her students say a word. Instead, they lead her to the bathroom where Rebecca sits on the floor bound and gagged.

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