S1 E15 It's All My Fault

02/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

Annalise screams for her students to stop the steady stream of accusations. She wants Wes to make sense of things. So he does. Wes says there’s a chance that Rebecca killed Lila. Sam may have been innocent. Annalise locks herself in the bathroom with Rebecca. She promises she’ll take care of everything. She takes the tape off of Rebecca’s mouth which leads to the frightened captive screaming for help.

Rebecca settles down. Annalise orders that her hands be untied. She’s having doubts about Sam’s guilt. She lets her students know that they need to figure things out. The way to do that is to have a trial. Rebecca is finally going to have her day in court right there in Annalise’s home.

Back in August, an angry Lila calls Sam to tell him that she’s not having an abortion. She threatens to tell Annalise. She shows up at the house. Bonnie won’t let her in. In the present, she shows up at the house late for the Rebecca trial after being in bed with Asher.

The students have one hour to make their case against Rebecca. Everything they present is speculation. The trial is put on hold while Annalise meets with Emily Sinclair, the prosecutor in Nate’s case. She claims that he followed her home after they had sex. She claims Nate and Sam got into a physical confrontation. It’s part of her effort to create reasonable doubt.

Rebecca insinuates to Connor that Wes killed his own mother. Asher unwittingly reveals to his fellow students that he’s sleeping with Bonnie as Frank tries to send him home. Bonnie is able to finally send him on his way. As for the others, they shuffled Rebecca downstairs but not before she was able send someone a text using Michaela’s phone. The message reads “Eggs 911 – Lawyer’s House.” Frank orders everyone to go upstairs.

Michaela meets with Aiden’s mother. She’s surprised to hear an apology. She’s trying to get her back together with her son. That’s not going to happen. Michaela blurts out that Aiden is gay. He believes his mother already knows this. That’s why she’s trying so hard to get Michaela to go back to him. Again, that’s not going to happen.

Annalise has a private chat with Rebecca. She knows she’s been alone so long that she doesn’t know what it’s like to have someone love her. Wes still feels that way about her even though he doesn’t know who she is right now. Annalise gets Rebecca to admit that she killed Lila. She doesn’t mean it though. Then Rebecca suggests that maybe Sam did it. In truth, nobody really knows.

Annalise lets Wes know that she’s tired of his moping. She wants him to get Rebecca to talk. Wes makes his way to the basement. Rebecca admits that she gave Rudy PCP and something called Purple X. It caused him to have a breakdown. It’s what led to the scratch marks on the apartment wall. The reason Rebecca was wet the night of the murder is because she was hiding in the water tank with an already-dead Lila.

Nate calls Annalise. He can’t believe she wants him to trust her, but he does call the number she gave him. Back at the house, Annalise doesn’t believe anyone has proved their case against Rebecca beyond a reasonable doubt. She heads down to the basement to talk to her before setting her free. Too bad she’s already gone. Annalise demands to know who set her free. Wes claims it wasn’t him. He does, however, blame himself for all that’s happened.

In the past, Lila hides from Griffin as he searches for her on the roof with the water tower. Later, Sam shows up. He claims he doesn’t want to be with Annalise anymore. He tells Lila he loves her. They kiss. In the present, Annalise comforts Wes. She says that Sam killed Lila because that’s the scenario that would most let them move on. She makes him say it so that it will become true.

In random updates, Emily Sinclair shows up at the house to talk to Asher about Annalise. Connor learns that Oliver has tested positive for a STD. Michaela learns that Laurel had the ring she thought went missing the night they disposed of Sam’s body to keep her quiet.

In the past, Rebecca found a buzzing cell phone by the water tower. She climbed up to make the horrifying discovery of Lila dead in the water. A short time before that, Sam had left Lila claiming that he was going to break things off with Annalise. In reality, he makes a phone call to someone who owed him. A short time after that, a pair of gloved hands chokes the life out of Lila Stangard, who gazes up at the face of her killer—Frank Delfino.

In the present, Annalise assures Wes that they will find Rebecca. She sends him home. Then she heads downstairs. She asks Frank if it was him. His answer is no. He thought it was her. They are talking about the latest curveball that has been thrown their way. They are talking about what Wes didn’t see in the basement earlier—the lifeless body of Rebecca Sutter.

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