S1 E11 Best Christmas Ever

02/05/15 | TV-14 | CC

It’s Christmas Day. Annalise downs some minibar booze in a Philly hotel room. She ignores phone calls from Nate. She nourishes herself with chocolate bars. She passes out on the floor. This routine repeats itself every day through New Year’s. Annalise finally returns home after her “trip” to confront her sister-in-law, Hannah. She presents her with a box of evidence to show that Sam is not the man they thought he was.

The second semester of Annalise’s “How to Get Away with Murder” course begins. Hard to believe, but this one is reportedly going to be harder than the first. After class, a client, Jackie, claims that her husband is holding two women captive in their basement. One of the prisoners is pregnant and about to give birth.

Annalise takes the case even though some of her students question how they can help an accessory to this heinous crime. Every word their client speaks is recorded. The police storm the house of horrors. The man is arrested and the two young women are freed. A judge won’t agree to a plea deal for Annalise’s client until she hears from the victims. They testify that Jackie drugged them before they were abused as a way of deflecting the pain they were about to endure. It was so they wouldn’t have the memories of rape.

After analyzing the recording of Jackie’s story, Wes helps Annalise realize that one of the women has a little girl out there. It’s not Jackie’s, but she wants to raise her as if she is. She won’t give up the location of the child until she gets a plea deal. The little girl is four and hidden away alone somewhere. Annalise tells Jackie she has the deal and gets the location of the little girl. She’s alive and safe in police custody. Annalise later admits that she lied to Jackie. She tells her there was never a plea deal just before resigning as her lawyer.

Jumping back to Christmas Day, Rebecca opens a card that came for Rudy, the guy who lived in Wes’s apartment before him. It’s from his grandmother, who doesn’t realize he doesn’t live there anymore. In West Palm Beach, Laurel effectively insults her mother and father enough to get tossed out of the family feast. In Grand Rapids, on Christmas Eve, Connor tells his sister he has a boyfriend.

Back in Philly, Connor’s car is stolen after he makes amends with Oliver, who is admittedly still crazy about him. Frank isn’t too worried about the swiped vehicle even though there’s lots of forensic evidence inside. He advises Connor to report it to the police so he can collect the insurance money. Laurel believes Frank is behind the stolen car. After all, he’s been hanging with Asher to possibly keep him from being suspicious.

Michaela’s Christmas break involved her fiancé declaring they should not get married. In the present day, Asher pushes things with Bonnie because, well, she hurt his feelings. As for the other members of the Keating 5, Laurel forces them to talk to each other. Wes admits he’s having nightmares. The conversation deteriorates and ultimately screeches to a halt. That’s because Hannah is in the house. She pushes Bonnie for help to find out what happened to Sam. This conversation also ends abruptly when Frank arrives.

Hannah lets Annalise know that there was a possible Sam sighting in upstate New York. She follows her when she drives to Nate’s place. Annalise confronts Hannah before heading inside where Nate reveals that he told his sick wife about her. As for the Sam sighting, that was something Frank set up to throw Hannah off the scent. Annalise promises him that she will take care of things with her sister-in-law.

Annalise answers Hannah’s question about when she started sleeping with Nate. It was in the summer. It was after Sam started sleeping with Lila. She admits lying about some things as well as recognizing her husband’s penis on a dead girl’s phone. Her semi-candor has the desired effect. Hannah is starting to believe that Annalise isn’t hiding anything. Of course, nothing can stay hidden forever. Sam’s remains have been found in a landfill. Those nightmares Wes has been having are now occurring with his puppy eyes wide open.

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