Episode #107 Music: "He Deserved To Die"

By Music Lounge | Nov 14th, 2014


Episode #107: He Deserved To Die
Original Air-Date: 11/6/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
That Good Night (Trentemoller Remix) Howl Baby Howl Connor drunkenly talks with Ally about his relationship problems at a bar. Wes and Asher are there too, and Asher hits on a nerdy girl. Wes and Asher talk to Annalise and Bonnie back at the office.
Vagaries of Fashion Fujiya & Miyagi Two characters have sex. A pathologist performs an autopsy on a female body.
All The Other Girls Avid Dancer Connor tries to go out on a limb and gets shut down. Two characters have a serious talk, then begin to kiss and from there things get very passionate and heated. Nate introduces himself to someone and offeres his help. Annalise is hit with shocking and disturbing news about the Lila Case.