What We Can Learn From Asher-isms on the Job From How to Get Away With Murder Season 1

By Marisa Dabney | Oct 5th, 2015

During the Season One of How to Get Away with Murder, we learned that Asher Millstone, played by actor Matt McGorry, has killer dance moves but he also has a killer sense of humor, especially when on a case. He may not be a model student but when working on one of Annalise’s cases he knows how to get the job done. Sure his professional etiquette needs to be refined but his honest outbursts while on the job keep us entertained. We like to call these spurts of genius that show his unique personality "Asher-isms." We can learn a lot from "Asher-isms" in particular that Asher may actually have a sharp legal mind. Watch this video compilation of Asher-isms: On the Job below:

Asher-isms: On the Job teaches us that Asher is on point when on a case. He likes to roll like a “Secret Agent Man” and knows that in law school “only the big dog gets the bone.” He is also a team player as he supports his colleagues. Case in point, he likes to watch Bon-Bon, aka Bonnie,  get her “legal eagle on.” Most importantly we learn that Asher loves his job as he says, “Stripper Mom turned out to be bomb mom. I freakin’ love this job!”. We love the way Asher expresses himself at work and know that his words not only give us a good laugh but also shows his legal mind. If you want more "Asher-isms" check out What We Can Learn from Asher-ism: On Sex. Don’t forget to watch all new episodes of How to Get Away with Murder THURSDAYS 10|9c.

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